(DEPARTED) 25AUG22 Las Vegas, NV Flyout @KLAS

Oh well that’s happened your also can go around

Oh next time make sure to get clearance to enter the runway!! 👌👌

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well you did a good job bro

Wdym mate 😅😅

How was ATC @Aviation_Jerry

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Thank y’all for the support everyone I hope you enjoyed your flights you all can sign up for my other events

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(DEPARTED) Las Vegas NV Flyout

Mexico Beach getaway

Landed! (10C)

Thanks for hosting @Aviation_Jerry!
I’ll be landing on 1L in about 15min!

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I’m Glad @Alaska_321 i hope you also Enjoyed your flight to :)

Also Everyone I’m trying to fly across The US From pensacola Florida To Las Vegas Nevada come join me on Saturday :) Blue Angels Run to Las Vegas

Is ATC on at KLAS? @Aviation_Jerry

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Let me check

Yes ground is online at KLAS

Ok! I thought there was Approach, Departure, Ground, and Tower?

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Oh well I thought so too


Some random f22

Oh I bet it was @MR.FOXY09

Spawning back into KLAS ATC

Some f18 is tailing me. HELP ME PLS