[DEPARTED] 24MAR2023 | US President Flight to Canada

US President Joe Biden is currently on a trip to Ottawa for a state visit. Even though this event is a day late to his actual trip, it still doesn’t stop us avgeeks from doing the same flight. This event is also short notice, so I hope we can still get enough people to join.

Flight Details:
Start Time: 24th of March, 2023 at 2100Z
Server: Expert Server

Aircraft Assignments:

Presidential Escort

Aircraft in the Presidential Escort will fly from KADW to CYOW. Air Force 1 will be escorted at all times, but 1 fighter can break off to intercept potentially dangerous aircraft.

  • Departure: KADW - Andrews Air Force Base at 2200Z
  • Arrival: CYOW - Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport at 2330Z
  • Flight Time: Aprox. 1h30min
Gate Aircraft Livery Pilot Callsign
Air Force One Hangar 19B VC-25 USAF @JMacMcD Air Force 1
Whiskey 5 Apron A F-16 USAF @Wonderousbuilder641 Sam 1
Whiskey 5 Apron B F-16 USAF @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek Sam 2
Whiskey 5 Apron C F-16 USAF Sam 3
Hot Cargo Pad parking KC-10 Extender USAF Sam 4

Ottawa Airspace Security

Aircraft that are on airspace security duty over Ottawa will depart out of CYTR and fly over the Ottawa area. These aircraft will remain until the Presidential Escort has safely landed.

  • Departure: CYTR - Canadian Forces Base Trenton at 2200Z
  • Arrival: CYTR - Canadian Forces Base Trenton after AF1 has landed
  • Flight Time: Aprox. 2h30min
Gate Aircraft Livery Pilot Callsign
F-Tent 1 F-18 VFA-87 @NathanPreuss Racer 1
F-Tent 2 F-18 VFA-87 Racer 2
F-Tent 3 F-18 VFA-87 Racer 3
North Ramp 10 KC-10 Extender USAF @john_frank Canforce 99

Air Traffic Control
New York Center:
Washington Center:

Boston Center:
Montreal Center:
Toronto Center:

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  • I am not responsible for violations
  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If there is no ATC, use the Unicom correctly
  • Act professional and realistic
  • Have Fun!

I know this event is kind of short notice, but I hope we can get enough people to join.

If anyone has questions about the flight assignments, feel free to ask in the replies!

Don’t mind if I do

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awesome! I hope we can fill this event!

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Give the the Tanker. Let me hop train and give some Go Ho Juice @JMacMcd

@ThatOneFloridaAvGeek i will make sure I have lots of fuel for you.


thanks for joining!

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Thanks, you better though

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North ramp 10 please

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great !

That’s the one I wanted you to sign me up for Lolol. But he can have it

so do you understand your assignment in the event? You will spawn in at CYTR and fly to Ottawa, and basically orbit over the city of Ottawa until the President lands safely.

oh, I thought you wanted to be apart of the escort lol

Tankers don’t fly with an escort. They fly in Refueling Blocks. Since they need to have total airspace command. Lololol

Instead they would hook up with different tankers along the way

normally yes, but since this is very last minute, we don’t have the resources to organise that lol

Lolol. I get it.

so do you still want the tanker or would you prefer a different plane?

Do me a CF-18 over Ottawa

sounds good, sorry for the confusion

All good man

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I think I’ll grab this one please! Awesome event