(Departed) 24JUL22: Tampa International Flyout!

Welcome to the Tampa International Airport Flyout hosted by @Butter575 and @Avaitor1 . We are so excited to host this event and we hope you can join! This event offers regional, cargo and international flights along with ATC and Spotting and General Aviation gates! We hope you can join us for this event with us!

Event Server: Training
Event Airport: Tampa
Event Time: 2022-07-24T16:00:00Z2022-07-24T17:00:00Z

A Gates

|A01|Silver (Generic)|DH8C|Fort Lauderdale|
|A02|Silver (Generic)|DH8C|Key West|
|A03|Silver (Generic)|DH8C|Jacksonville|
|A04|United |737-800|Chicago |
|A05|United |737-800|Washington |
|A06|United |737-900|Newark |
|A07|JetBlue |A320|White Plains | @AviationJack
|A08|JetBlue |A320|San Juan| @Cryptronic11
|A09|JetBlue |A320|Newark |
|A10|JetBlue |E190|La Guardia|
|A11|JetBlue |A320|New York | @Avaitor1
|A12|JetBlue |BCS3|Boston | @CaptainE
|A14|JetBlue |E190|Atlanta|
|A15|Spirit |A320|Chicago |
|A16|Spirit |A320|Dallas| @AviatorRyan
|A17|Spirit |A320|Baltimore |
|A18|Spirit |A320|New Oreleans|

C Gates

|C30|Southwest |737-800|Dallas-Love| @Mikey6449
|C31|Southwest |737-800|Pittsburgh |
|C32|Southwest |737-800|Baltimore | @paynetrozzo
|C33|Southwest |737-700|San Antonio|
|C34|Southwest |737-800|Houston-Hobby | @Mattchew_Bald
|C35|Southwest |737-800|Chicago-Midway | @ParagonDelta
|C36|Southwest |737-700|Buffalo |
|C37|Southwest |737-700|Fort Lauderdale|
|C38|Southwest |737-700|Windsor Locks| @the_ding
|C39|Southwest |737-700|Indianapolis | @A10f4ang
|C40|Southwest |737-800|Milwaukee |
|C41|Avelo|737-800|New Haven|
|C42|Sun Country (Generic)|737-800|Minneapolis
|C43|Breeze |BCS3|Oklahoma City| @Cameron_theaviator
|C44|Breeze |BCS3|Akron | @AA_MIA
|C45|Breeze|BCS3|Richmond| @Bay_Area_Aviation

E Gates

|E62|Delta |737-900|Detroit | @United403
|E64|Delta |757-200|Atlanta | @Ashwanth_razil
|E65|Delta |A319|Raleigh-Durham| @Chase_Cyb
|E66|Delta |A320|Boston | @masont980
|E67|Delta |A320|New York |
|E68|Delta |737-900|Minneapolis| @Tnel
|E69|Delta |A320|La Guardia| @Apple_Haye
|E70|Air Canada Rouge |A319|Toronto | @AirCanada11
|E71|Frontier |A320|Las Vegas | @Klas892
|E72|Frontier |A320|Denver |
|E73|Frontier |A320|San Juan|
|E74|Frontier |A320|Buffalo | @Tom_Jennings
|E75|Frontier |A320|Islip|

F Gates

|F78|American |A320|Miami | @Kyle_Flannery
|F79|American |A321|Chicago | @Manuel_Vanotti
|F80|American |A320|Charlotte | @AviatorKnight
|F81|American |A320|Dallas |
|F82|American |A321|Los Angeles| @AmericanB772
|F83W|British Airways |777-200|London | @alen_rgb
|F84|American |A321|Washington-Regan| @GolfZuluZulu
|F85|American |A320|Austin |
|F86|JetBlue |A320|Cancun |
|F87W|Edelweiss |A330-300|Zurich |
|F88W|Lufthansa |A330-300|Frankfurt | @IF_California
|F90W|Finnair|A350-900|Frankfurt | @Grizzly.Saahir

Cargo Gates

|Cargo Apron 01|FedEx|MD-11F|Indianapolis | @Srcapitan
|Cargo Apron 02|FedEx |MD-11F|Memphis |
|Cargo Apron 03|FedEx |MD-11F|Memphis |
|Cargo Apron 04|UPS|DC-10|Miami|
|Cargo Apron 05|UPS|A330-200F|Philadelphia|
|Cargo Apron 06|UPS|MD-11F|Louisville|
|Cargo Apron 07|UPS |MD-11F|Dallas |

Hardstand Gates

Please use the generic livery on the correct aircraft if you are flying an “Amazon” route
Hardstand 51|Amazon|737-800|MSP
Hardstand 50|Amazon|MD-11F|Los Angeles
Hardstand 49| Amazon| 777F|London Heathrow| @Aviation_Jerry
Hardstand 52A|UPS|MD-11|Louisville
Hardstand 48|UPS|MD-11|San Francisco
Hardstand 53| Amazon|MD-11|Boston
Hardstand 47| Amazon|777F|Seattle
Hardstand D57|UPS|A330F|Louisville
Hardstand 55| UPS| A330F| Anchorage
Hardstand 57

Ground: @Butter575
Tower: @Butter575
Departure: @John_The_Other
Approach: @Orby

Please only reserve if you are doing General Aviation
Signature Flight 01|C172|
Signature Flight 02|C172| @Thomas_Cunningham
Signature Flight 03|SR22|
Signature Flight 04|SR22|
Signature Flight 05|XCub|


These gates are for spotting only!
Signature Flight 10|
Signature Flight 11|
Signature Flight 12|



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