[DEPARTED] 22JUL22: Jackson Hole Flyout! @KJAC


Jackson Airport is a small regional airport that serves as Yellowstone National Parks main airport. All Flights must be round trip, to the chosen destination and back to Jackson Hole.

Please let me know what flight you’d like to do. All Flights will leave Jackson at 9:15am. You can do these roundtrip flights as much as you’d like!!

The last day to request a route will be July 18th.

As always, happy flying and hope you can join this flight from the last Frontier!!

Server: Training

Gate assignments

1A - Frontier (DEN) A320| @RagonDragon
1B - Allegiant (AZA) A320| @United403

1 - American (DFW) A320| @VVESM4N
2 - Allegiant (AZA) A320| @Avaitor1

3 - Delta (SLC) A319| @Superdogs
4 - Delta - (ATL) B757| @Apple_Haye

5 - Alaska (SEA) B738| @AlaskaAirlines_17
6 - Alaska (SAN) B739| @McDonald-Hamburger

7 - United (DEN) A320| @Klas892
8 - United (SFO) A320| @Butter575
9 - American (DFW) B737-800| @ASHIR

Ground: @the_ding
Tower: @the_ding


If there are any youtubers out there who are interested in this event we are now offering gates for spotters only! Please reserve one of these gates if you are only spotting or extra gates for signups!

Deice Pad N|Delta|757-200| @Priscila_Castillo
Deice Pad N1|American|737-800| @Aviation_Jerry
Deice Pad N2|
Deice Pad S|
Deice Pad C|

Please reserve a gate if going to this event


I will take an American A320 to dallas please

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Always to you home town, I love it!!

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You are signed up!

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Ur hometown to my home town

In the best way possible… FLYING

Certainly not driving 😂😂

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Hey I like cars just as much as planes

Same here, I was joking 😃

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Read my profile

Can I take Allegiant’s flight to Phoenix

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I have, your 100% incredible

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I like any sort or transportation because your traveling someplace and I love to travel

🤩🤩🤩I love that you have our DFW - El Paso flight as your profile pic

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Can I have gate 1A but to AZA

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I already have that one, but we can probably both do it if no one takes Frontier to DEN

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I’ll take this one

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Sorry guys I just don’t fly Allegiant

Aren’t you going to DFW

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Yes but both of you and Rian are going to AZA, I would join but in my opinion I just don’t really like Allegiant, sorry

You are signed up