[Departed](21 Attending! ATC Full!) (Vote Now!) All IF Aircraft Fly out! @ CYYZ - 201730ZAPR19

Hello IFC!
I’ve been working on an event like this for a while. An event where each IFC member who joins will be assigned a different aircraft. Please stay professional/respectful. We’ll depart from CYYZ and I’ll give you a arrival airport based on how long you want your flight to be. We are looking for pilots (click the “Join” button below).

Server: Training

Airport: CYYZ

Time: 1730Z

Spawn: 1715Z

Date: 2019-04-20T17:30:00Z

-There WILL be ATC on duty at CYYZ, ATC will enforce rules if not followed
-Please spawn at gate 15m early
-Act professional
-If we fill all available gates at CYYZ, I’ll assign you to an airport nearby

My Aircraft: A319-100
Livery: Air Canada
My Callsign: Air Canada 2007
My Display Name: IFS
My Arrival Airport: CYOW
Flight Time: 1h

Join The Event Here! ( No longer allowed to submit response)

There are only 58 spots available. First joiners get the spots.

To join ATC, Just PM me what ATC position(s) you want to ATC.

ATC Spots (Full)

Ground - @PlaneGeek
Tower - @PlaneGeek
Arrivals - @x_xc
Departures - @x_xc

Note: You have to be at least a grade 2 to ATC, and have to be fluent with a large amount of traffic.


@Infinite_Flight_Sims - A319-100
@Will_Beykirch - B777-300ER
@Vidal99977 - A321-200
@BennyBoy_Alpha - B787-9
@InfiniteAviation06 B747-8
@Strongbear1 A330-300
@Sashaz55 B737-800
@Eslem_B - CRJ-700
@fadel_mufti - B737-700
@Abel_Kocsis - 777-200LR
@samdog27 - B717-200
@IFCaptainNore - B777-200ER
@simopoint - MD-11F
@Pffs - B737-900
@infiniteflight_schoo - TBM-930
@samory167 - B747-400
@Harish_Kumar1 - B787-10
@Captain_Sid - A320-200
@Adam_Goodman - B787-8
@(IFC name unknown) - A380-800
@Pilot_Waters - B767-300

Where Should we Fly Next?

  • LHBP
  • KLAX
  • KORD
  • KSFO
  • YSSY

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Poll will close on APR 20 @ 1730Z

We hope to see you there!

I’ll join United 787-10 to Lax
Callsign: TFC-023
Join if you’d like

you have to fill out the google form.

Ok, done @Infinite_Flight_Sims

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@Infinite_Flight_Sims Hey buddy, you might want to change the time in the title. It says 0930Z time which is 5:30 in the morning est. The event is supposed to be 1:30 in the afternoon est. So you should change it in the title to 1730Z :)
Maybe you will get more attendees 😉

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hey i want to join atc for app and dep. Im grade3


@PlaneGeek thanks for letting me know. The website I used to convert from EDT to Zulu said that it was 0930Z.

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No problem :) That website is totally incorrect

You can just convert the times on google. Its easier, faster, and it is actually correct lol

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@PlaneGeek Ok I’ll do that. :)

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Love to be there my call sign pffs1950

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Hello please sign me up!
Callsign: EYV004
Name: IPP Captain Abel
Dest: OMAA Abu Dhabi
Aircraft: B 77W
Flying for Etihad VA :)

Use the Google form

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Also, I can no longer attend due to a scheduling

@Pffs did you fill out the Google Forum? You need to fill that out to join. :)

Hey I’ll join! With a B773 Air France to fly until Paris!

@IFCaptainNore Great! Just fill out the Google Forum :)

What is the Google forum?


Just under were it says:

I have to use generic livery?