[DEPARTED] 20JAN2023 | Sint Maarten Flyout | TNCM

I already have you signed up right here. Not the same gate but I got the plane and flight for you

Unfortunately due to my new work schedule I won’t be able to attend this event until we move it forward one day

do you think a E175 BBJ will fit in to one of the GA Spots?

Ok no worries, sorry to hear that. I’ll see you around.

I believe there are certain gates, yes

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if possible, can you sign me up on one of them in a E175 BBJ going to Miami

I’ll take this in a A321 to JFK On JetBlue
callsign is JetBlue1683

Hold up there bud we haven’t confirmed if we can move the even a day forward yet

Ofc, do you want the Private/tulip livery or generic?

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I can’t move the event, I’m busy the next day

Ok fair enough

im sorry that has nothing to do with what i requested

It’s because he was in that gate, but since he can’t make it I just removed his name

oh ok well can i have it?

Yeah you can, however we have someone flying that exact route, airline, and airplane. So you can still have it, I just wanted to point that out in case you wanted a more unique flight.

Nope I’m good

JFK is my home town airport so that’s where I wanna go

Ok, I’ll sign you up

the tulip one will be the one

Sure thing

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