[DEPARTED] 20JAN2023 | Sint Maarten Flyout | TNCM

No problem my man

Air France Please but can it be on the a350

yeah sure, np

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Thank you so much

By the way, for everyone signing up. Pattern work will be allowed at this event so feel free to hop in a GA aircraft and do some practice landings. It would be appreciated though if you wait until after the majority of the commercial traffic has departed to do your circuits. Thanks!

Could I have my gate swapped with AO 1 as I’m a international flight and it’s very rare to have a international flight without a airbridge and for realism sake

I’ll keep that in mind. I’ll wait and see first to see if someone takes that flight since A01 is also an international flight. If we get more signups I might rearrange the gates afterwards.

Fair point

But I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you for pointing it out

Tbh there is already someone going to France so having two France departures does reduce the variety of destinations

But its a cool livery :) if the next person who signs up wants to change that flight, he can. But don’t worry. You’ll most likely get an air bridge lol

I’m going to fly into smx from london Gatwick in a tui 787-9 then swap aircraft to the 757 and then fly back home

sounds good. I’ll rearange the gates in a bit. Just make sure your arrival gate is the same as your departure gate.

@AmericanB772 @Ben_Walsh be advised, your gates have been swapped. Please check the gate list to see your new gates.

Thanks for your help really appreciate it


yeah of course, no worries

still going to the same place?

ok thanks (ten)

Can we get someone piearco for the transatlantic flights

Lets get some more sign ups, we get many many GA and local flights available!

SO can I get the flight or not?