[DEPARTED] 20JAN2023 | Sint Maarten Flyout | TNCM


Welcome to the Beautiful island of Sint Maarten!

Princess Juliana International Airport is the largest airport on this Caribbean island. It handles traffic for local island hops to long hual flights to Europe. It is also famous for its low approach over the beach at the end of runway 10 which offers amazing photos and experiences.

Flight Information:
When: 20th January, 2023 at 23:59Z
Where: TNCM
Server: Training Server

Gates and ATC are available below:

Terminal Gates
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Aircraft Pilot Callsign
A01 Paris-Orly(LFPO) Air Caraïbes A350 @JMacMcD French West 909 Heavy
A02 Amsterdam(EHAM) KLM B747-400 @IFA_YT
A03 Paris(LFPG) Air France A350 @Ryan_15 Air France 115 Heavy
A04 New York(KJFK) jetBlue A321 @Avaitor1 jetBlue 1683
B01 Atlanta(KATL) Delta Airlines B757 @pom
Terminal Remote Stands
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Aircraft Pilot Callsign
B02 Toronto(CYYZ) Air Canada A321 @Growler08
B03 Piarco(TTPP) Caribbean Airlines B737-800 @AirCanada11
B04 Fort Lauderdale(KFLL) jetBlue A320 @75juke
B05 Miami(KMIA) American Airlines B737-800 @AviationJack
GA Aprons
GA Apron Destination Airline/Livery Aircraft Pilot Callsign
C01 Pointe-à-Pitre(TFFR) Air Caraïbes C208 @Pratham_kapoor
C02 St Eustatius(TNCE)
C03 Saba(TNCS) Westwind C208 @franky_gamez
C04 St Barthelemy(TFFJ) Westwind C208 @Butter575
C05 San Juan(TJSJ)
C06 San Juan(TJSJ)
C07 Antigua(TAPA) DHL C208 @Kody_Scheier
C08 San Juan(TJSJ) FedEx C208
C09 Washington-Dulles(KIAD) BBJ Citation X @anon38552190 F-UNNY
C10 Miami(KMIA) Private(Tulip) E175 @Helzluis
C11 Fort Lauderdale(KFFL) BBJ B737-700 @UALPilot
C12 London-Gatwick(EGKK) Private 5 A318 @Ben_Walsh
E01 San Juan(TJSJ) Private(Tulip) E175 @Bay_Area_Aviation
E02 St. Thomas(TIST) Private(Tulip) E175 @United403
E03 Available
E04 Saba(TNCS) TBM-930 @NathanPreuss
E05 Available
E06 Available
E07 Available
E08 Available
E09 Available
F01 Available
F02 Available
F03 Available
F04 Available
F05 Available
F06 Available
F07 Available
F08 Airport Circuits
F09 Airport Circuits
F10 Airport Circuits
F11 Airport Circuits
West Apron 01 Available
West Apron 02 Available
West Apron 03 Available
West Apron 04 Available
West Apron 05 Available
West Apron 06 Available
West Apron 07 Available
West Apron 08 Available
West Apron 09 Available
West Apron 10 Available
West Apron 11 Available

Ground: @CCH_real
Tower: @CCH_real
San Juan Center:
Piarco Center


  • I am not responsible for violations
  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If there is no ATC, use the Unicom correctly
  • Pattern work allowed
  • Act professional
  • Have Fun!
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This one plz🥰🥰

Can I do this one?

got you both down

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This on a Westwind C208

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This one please

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Sint maarten- london Gatwick tui 757

ok, I replaced the flight at B04 for you.

cool, thanks for joining. by the way 757 aren’t heavy aircraft. Heavy is for widebody jets

Ah ok fair enough

you can still use the callsign, just remove the heavy part

Ok will do

Can I Take this to TTPP B738 Caribbean Airlines

Can I have the 74 over to schipol

You always make such cool flyouts! I will take A04 please!

Minty Fresh please

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I’ll replace B03 for you since its the 2nd jetblue and my friend wanted the Air Canada flight. he just hasn’t made his IFC account

yessir, you may fly the queen :-)

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Thanks man! Appreciate it. I’ll get you signed up.

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Hello, sorry but AmericanB772 requested that gate first. Is there another gate I can give you?