[DEPARTED] 2020 1st FNF of the new decade @ EGLL - 030445ZJAN20

If I were to join, It would be the Cathay A350

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All our aircraft have max altitudes above 43,500 so we can step-climb to 43,000

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Yep, and then watch everyone choose Cathay A350 to play the Atari breakout… hahaha… :)

Anyone else interested in joining?

I’m really sorry but I can’t make it! Something came up so I won’t have the time. I’m really sorry :(

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Hate to be that guy, but you gotta fix your title first.
Also, thanks for showcasing VHHH :))…I would definitely have flown this but time zones don’t quite allow for it sorry, and controlling today would be fun for me.

(EDIT: title looks good now!)


It says the following on the FNF thread;

Server: Any

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@Eseriess and @Alex_L, would you both like to join?

I wish, got work tomorrow.

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Oh ok… hope to see you in another flight then

Any others that are interested?

We will depart in 30 mins.

@Simon_Botero and @LeonardIF18, are you both interested to join?

YES, I do!

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We will depart in ~ 15 to 20 minutes

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My Callsign Captain Jimmy L A350 / Cathay 859!

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Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Anyone else who would like to join?

@LeonardIF18, do you know anyone else who could join?

I ask 2 of my friends but they can’t make it

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Oh, okay… it’s fine.

Anyways, anyone else who’d like to join?

What gate u r spawning?

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