{Departed} [ 2 Gates Left!] || Vol. #3 || Goodbye Cheddi Jagan @ SYCJ - 271930ZAPR19


Welcome to This Week’s Event!

Here’s a little info about Cheddi Jagan International Airport:

In this Weeks event, We’ll be going to Cheddi Jagan International Airport. Since we started these events, we paired with @anon70772274 to go to every country in the world! For those wishing to join us at all of our events, be sure to fill out this forum below:

Once this event is complete, make sure to post your best screenshots on your Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and most importantly, on the IFC! Make sure to tag us using @Infinite_Flight_Sims, and @anon70772274 when posting on the IFC so we could check them out!




Event Details:

Server: Training

Airport: SYCJ - SMJP

Time: 1930Z - 2010Z (2019-04-27T19:30:00Z2019-04-27T20:10:00Z)

Aircraft/Livery: Cessna Citation X Private 4


Use ATC/Unicom Professionally and respectfully
Follow the route given
And most importantly:


GA Gates
Gate 01 @Infinite_Flight_Sims
Gate 02 @anon70772274 (pending)
Gate 03
Gate 04

Event Hours:

Start: Saturday April 27th, 2019 @ 1930Z

End: Saturday April 27th, 2019 @ 2010Z


Brought to You by:

We Can’t Wait to See You There!

I’m happy to join you if nothing else comes up (I think school starts that day for me and I don’t have much control over what I do).

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If you live in Sydney, Australia like your profile says, you would be in AEST. I calculated that it would be Sunday April 28th @ 4:30AM for you. If you show up, I’ll give you Gate 02. I’ll put you on Pending gates for now.

Sunday, I should be able to do but I wouldn’t wake up until 0500 so I won’t be on there until at least 0530.

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Ok. Because no one else joined yet, I could change the time to 05:30 AEST?

Starting in 3:30 Hours! 2019-04-27T19:30:00Z2019-04-27T20:10:00Z

Anyone else want to join 🤔?

Can’t wait to see you there!

What an amazing flight! If you couldn’t make it to this event, make sure to watch out for next weeks event 👀

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