[DEPARTED] 19NOV23: The North Carolina Flyout Series Part 1: Raleigh/Durham (KRDU)

Gimme this

ok its gonna be a bit until i post the CLT one

I let you know when I do tho

This was made for me

easiest decision of my live

You both have been added!

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event bump!

This one to Windy City please


Can I switch to a United Express E175 to South Bend

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@RagonDragon Yep!
@Cole_Woodard ofc!


Sorry for the changing, but can I go back to what I had, the A321 to CLT

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yep i can do that

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Jetblue E190 to JFK please

yep! thanks for the bump

At this point, when this is hosted, Delta will no longer operate this route. It will be replaced with Air France and their Boeing 787-9.

i know, i put that in the description of the event already.

Well, I can assure you it would fit at C23B.

thats where the 777 is.

iā€™m adding it at gate C03A

Event Update!
Air France 787-9 Has been added to gate C03A in Terminal 2

@Cole_Woodard Your flight has been moved to gate C10

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its also not gonna be placed at C23B irl because it overlaps when the 777 is here.

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event bump