[DEPARTED] 19NOV23: The North Carolina Flyout Series Part 1: Raleigh/Durham (KRDU)

I will be making a three-part flyout series with all the major airports in the state of North Carolina! These three cities are Raleigh, Charlotte, and Asheville. In Part One of this series, we are in the capital of the state, Raleigh (and technically Durham too!), at the wonderful airport of RDU. This airport serves the two cities of Raleigh and Durham, and is located in between the two. There are three major universities that it serves too, UNC Chapel Hill, Duke, and NC State. RDU recently got two new airlines! Air France and Lufthansa. Lufthansa is operating the RDU-Frankfurt route for the very fist time ever on an a330! I did not add these two airlines because there are no gates for the two planes to fit in.

Airport: KRDU (Raleigh/Durham International)

Server: Expert

Time: 2023-11-19T22:00:00Z→2023-11-19T22:30:00Z

5L/23R: Used for Terminal 2 landings (American, Delta, Frontier, jetBlue and all international flights).

5R/23L: Used for Terminal 1 landings (Southwest, Spirit, and Avelo) but is also used for other airlines when 5L/23R is already in use by another aircraft.

14/32: Doesn’t get used much at all.

Terminal 1
Gate Airport Airline Plane User
A01 New Haven Avelo 737-800 @Prestoni
A02 Denver Southwest 737-800 β€”
A03 St Louis Southwest 737-800 @BenjiTheBull
A04 Fort Lauderdale Spirit A321 β€”
A05 New Orleans Southwest 737-800 β€”
A06 Chicago Midway Southwest 737-700 β€”
A07 Orlando Spirit A321 β€”
A08 Tampa Southwest 737-700 β€”
A09 Atlanta Southwest 737-800 @United403
Terminal 2
Gate Airport Airline Plane User
C01 Minneapolis SunCountry 737-800 β€”
C03A Paris Air France B787-9 β€”
C07 Miami American 737-800 β€”
C10 Charlotte American A321 β€”
C11 Boston jetBlue a220 @Jetblue1269
C12 New York (JFK) jetBlue E190 @BazeAeOfficial
C16 Montreal Air Canada E175 β€”
C17 Atlanta Detla 757 @Flyin.Hawaiian
C23 London Heathrow (LHR) American 777-200ER @ayyjay
C24 Paris Charles De Gaulle Delta 767 β€”
D01 Newark United 737-800 β€”
D03 Chicago O’hare United a320 β€”
D05 Las Vegas Delta 737-900 β€”
D09 Seattle Alaska 737-900 β€”
D10 Philly Frontier A320 @RagonDragon
D11 Los Angeles Delta 737-900 β€”
D13 Detroit Delta A320 β€”
D14 Washington (DCA) Delta CRJ9 β€”
D15 Washington (IAD) United 737-800 or E175 β€”
D19 San Francisco United 737-800 β€”
GA Gates
Airport Aircraft User
Albuquerque β€” β€”
β€” β€” β€”
β€” β€” β€”
β€” β€” β€”
β€” β€” β€”
β€” β€” β€”
North Cargo
Gate Airport Airline Plane User
01 Louisville UPS MD11F @BazeAeOfficial
02 Louisville UPS MD11F @MrGoatX
03 β€” UPS β€” β€”
01 Memphis FedEx MD11F β€”
02 New Bern FedEx C208 β€”
03 β€” FedEx β€” β€”

ATIS Ground Tower Approach Departure
β€” β€” β€” β€” β€”

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MD-11 to KBOS

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