(DEPARTED) 18SEP22 Mexico Beach Getaway MMSD

Let’s gets some more sign ups

Let’s get some sign ups

United flies to El Paso? And when did VivaAerobus get the 757?

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Wait what ???

Bro you messing with me @RagonDragon

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Well it says that above I would change it

Can I have this but to JFK

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Sure @Avaitor1

Show me @RagonDragon

There are only two VivaAerobus flights out of here

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Ok nvm could sworn I saw it, but idk about the El Paso flight

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Why what’s wrong with the El Paso flight

Well…United doesn’t go there (at least realistically) just saying

I will take this gate tho!

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Your signed up @RagonDragon

Let’s get some more sign ups

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I have signed up for EVERY single one of them!

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Lol @AmericanB772