[Departed]18MAR23: Massive Honolulu Flyout!

Ok I’m sorry to here that
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Keep filling the biggest airport in the pacific

Would you like to take a short island hop possibly

Check out my brand New Tampa Flyout Down below

This little island hop sounds pleasant.I’ll take it!

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Can I switch to this… But

Qantas A350 to Perth

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Qantas have a A350?!

They have orders irl but livery in-game

oh ok Then I shall get you down

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I saw that Qantas has ordered them but I know that it wasn’t good for boeing

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would you like to sign up for a gate

I wanted to do the qantas one but didn’t realise someone asked for that already

theres one to sydney if you want

Yeah I’ll do that one thanks

of course! Glad you could sign up

Make sure to check out my other flyouts

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That’s not realistic

would you like to sing up for a gate

I’ll take this but to San Jose

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But the aircraft is