[Departed]18MAR23: Massive Honolulu Flyout!

lets get some more signups

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If you are thinking about signing up for a gate please sign up

@Flyin.Hawaiian is now a co-host of this massive Honolulu flyout!!!

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Please press going if you are signed up for a gate

Please click this link to tell me what flyout you would like to see next Thanks!

lets get some more signups

Lets keep filling the Heart of the Pacific

I feel the need to switch to this

of course
such a interesting route

@Ryan_Carney !

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Lets keep filling this amazing airport

Gate F1/to San Diego/Southwest Airlines 737

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Southwest only sends 737-800’s :)

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thanks for signing up
lets get some more sign ups

Hello can I get this gate pls?

Gate A13 | Hilo | Hawaiian | 717


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No, Thank you

Hi can I take aircanada to Vancover

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of course thanks for joining

Can I take this