[Departed] 18AUG22: San Diego Event!

Welcome to the San Diego flyout hosted by @Butter575! This event will take place on the 18th of August! Hope you can join!

Server: Training
Airport: KSAN
Date: 2022-08-18T23:00:00Z2022-08-19T00:00:00Z

Please keep the routes realistic

Terminal 1

Airlines: Southwest, Spirit, Frontier, Delta

Gate Airline Destination User Flyin/Flyout
01 Southwest Las Vegas @Csnake Flyout
02 Frontier Las Vegas @AmericanB772 Flyout
03 Southwest San Francisco @Avaitor1 Flyout
04 Delta St. Louis @Aviation_Jerry Flyin
05 Delta Los Angeles @aviation_190 Flyout
06 Frontier Denver @Socal_Spotter Flyout
07 Frontier Los Angeles @Yukiros_31 Flyout
08 Southwest San Francisco @Southwest_2115 Flyout
09 Southwest Los Angeles @deivisltu32 Flyout
10 Southwest Midway @HDS_Host Flyout
11 Southwest Austin @Cryptronic11 Flyout
12 Southwest Las Vegas @LightAviation Flyout
13 Southwest St. Louis @EnthusiasticAviation Flyout
14 Southwest Midway @KSM_King_Storm Flyout
15 Southwest San Francisco @Kaan_Gunduz Flyout
16 Delta New York @CP-Taher Flyout
17 Delta Los Angeles @Ihave2cowlicks Flyin
18 Southwest San Francisco @Pilot_babz23 Flyout
Terminal 2 (Right Terminal) (FULL)

Airlines: Alaska, American, Delta, JetBlue

Gate Airline Destination User Flyin/Flyout
21 JetBlue Boston @AviationJack Flyout
22 JetBlue New York @danreyah Flyout
23 JetBlue New York @Metro_Aviation Flyout
24 Alaska Seattle @iiMaximo11 Flyout
25 Alaska Seattle @AVGIRLCZ Flyout
26 American Phoenix @Mateo223 Flyout
27 American Chicago @Kbeemer Flyin
28 American Phoenix @Tui_787-8 Flyout
29 Delta Atlanta @c.aaron.q Flyout
30 American Phoenix @michaelt912 Flyout
31 American Dallas @RyMan Flyout
Terminal 2 (Left Terminal)

Airlines: American Airlines, British Airways, Delta, Lufthansa, Japan Airlines, United, Allegiant, Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge, Westjet, Swoop

Gate Airline Destination User Flyin/Flyout
32 United Denver @Karsten_Braun Flyin
33 United Denver @TrashCanDossy Flyout
34 United San Francisco @raulgglez Flyout
35 United San Francisco @americanboeing Flyout
41 United Denver @Justin_Betances Flyout
45 Lufthansa Munich @quirin Flyout
46 Delta New York @WilsonLYT Flyout
47 British Airways London @Mineraalwater Flyout
48 Lufthansa Munich @Speedbird_15 Flyout
49 @FoxxyChiller Flyin
51 American New York @CaptainMoussline Flyout
Island/West Ramp Gates

Airlines: Air Canada, American, Alaska, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, United

Gate Airline Route User Flyin/Flyout
Island Ramp 01
Island Ramp 02
Island Ramp 03
Island Ramp 04
Island Ramp 05

West ramps will become available if almost all gates are filled

Cargo Ramps

Airlines: FedEx, UPS, DHL

Ramp Airline Route User Flyin/Flyout
Cargo Ramp 01
Cargo Ramp 02 Fedex Oakland @Matt_the_pilot24 Flyout
Cargo Ramp 03 DHL Southern Air Denver @H-Bob Flyout
Cargo Ramp 04
Cargo Ramp 05
Cargo Ramp 06
Cargo Ramp 07
GA/Private Gates

Please only reserve a gate if you would like to fly any GA or private aircrafts. Please don’t request a gate with an airline that doesn’t operate out of this airport or with an excessively large aircraft.

Gate Aircraft Route User Flyin/Flyout
North Ramp 01
North Ramp 02 CRJ-200 @MR.FOXY09 Both
North Ramp 03 A318 Miami @CitationPilot1 Flyout
North Ramp 04
North Ramp 05
North Ramp 07 757-200 Las Vegas @Zigler_AviationYT Flyout
North Ramp 11 747 Andrews AFB @Shafran Flyout

Ground @Butter575
Tower @Aviation_Jerry
Approach @OregonAviaton
Departure: @OregonAviaton
Center: @Abhik_Mallik


  • I am not responsible for any violations you receive
  • If ATC is not present, please use Unicom correctly
  • Between 2022-08-18T23:00:00Z2022-08-18T23:10:00Z all arrivals and departures will not be accepted due to a TFR that will be performed during that time
  • This TFR should only take up about the first 5-10 minutes of the event, as soon as the TFR is completed ATC will approve pushbacks or taxis, sorry for the inconvenience, Ground and Tower will continue to get y’all up in the air after the TFR :)

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Please reserve a gate if attending!


Let’s get some signups



Flyin from BurBank
Then same gate back out to HOU


how do you plan on doing approach while also flying?


Well my friend there is a thing called magic


@Avaitor1 what airline?

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Southwest please

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Ok you are signed up!

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Can I fly a Frontier A320 to KLAS please

Of course! What gate?

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Any frontier gate please

Thank you!

You are signed up for gate 01

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Thank you so much, this will be fun!

I’ll help with these

You are signed up! Thank you for doing atc

No problem

Delta A319 St. Louis

@Aviation_J_YT you are signed up, will you be flying to or from San Diego?

To San Diego