[DEPARTED] 15OCT22/00:00z | San Jose Flyout @SJC!

May I switch

Can I have this Route, please? Thank you very much!

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I’ll get you down

Come join me before this great San Jose flyout in San Antonio!!

Yours is actually before lol

Like I was saying before the great San Jose flyout

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Can I take that American flight to Phoenix out of Gate 08?

I should be able to come! If not, I’ll try to give you at least a 48-hour notice.

Super excited to hopefully be a part of this! SJC is my home airport. I was born and raised in San Jose.


I’ll get you signed up! SJC is one of my favorite airports, I fly into there at least twice a year

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Okay, awesome! Thank you!

Let’s get some more signups

Lots of gates still available

I can’t wait for this event! Looking forward to it!

Let’s get some more signups!!

Event bump.

Hello there!

Mind if I can sign up for this gate?

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Of course!


I’ll fly this route please.

I’ll get you down

It’s awesome to see so many signups for this event! Looking forward to next weekend!

Can I have this one?