[DEPARTED] 15OCT22/00:00z | San Jose Flyout @SJC!

@flyin_hawaiian @ryanairlanding @AirCanada11 @zykejohn09 you are all signed up


Ok, would you like to take a gate?

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Can I request this one please, if they are not out by then I will use the A320. Thanks

You got it!

are you gonna come to my KTUS airshow on the 21st? its going to be fun!

also F/A-18E Maverick at private please!

No I can’t come because of school. I’ll get you signed up shortly

ok, thanks, what time do you get out of school?


:/ oof, sorry man, you get out at 9:00 PM my time

Yeah sorry

no, dont be, its fine

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Terminal B gate 27 heading to Las Vegas

My flight

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You are signed up

thanks :) (1010)

No problem

Will take this please! 11 Delta E175 Seattle

You are signed up

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I would like this one pls