[DEPARTED] 15OCT22/00:00z | San Jose Flyout @SJC!


I do apologize. My app crashed

@Bj_Bastian would you mind acting professionally

Spawning in now!!

IFC users will be approved to push back in 5 minutes

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Please only request departure when first in line

My stream is now live! Go join it!

Link - {DESCENDING} San Jose (SJC) to Seattle (SEA) - Alaska Airlines E175 - Infinite Flight Event - YouTube

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Please Taxi via full runway length

Someone report Go Cat 69 please

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I will handle all Trolls appropriately


Please only request Pushback once a flight plan is filed and one at a time

All pushbacks may now be approved

Please be patient with ATC

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Anyone who is behind my aircraft
Skywest 403, please Taxi around. I will be last to request taxi

@flyin_hawaiian maintain safe distance

I know my bad, sorry @Ikaika_Boi808

Sorry @United403!! I meant to request pushback, not taxi.

I am lonely on the stream. Come join me!

Everyone please be super patient. Iā€™m trying my very best

How about you clear nobody for departure so you can focus on ground