[DEPARTED] 15OCT22/00:00z | San Jose Flyout @SJC!

I will once I depart!

Once you depart, please immediately change frequency

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I join my stream :)

Event Announcement

Thank you everyone for coming! Hope you all have a safe flight and thank you @United403 for the remarkable ATC service! Also thanks to @VVESM4N for streaming! Thank you everyone for making SJC look realistic!


Hello Everyone! When you are at cruise, come join my stream. We might play some games ;)

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Make sure to check out my other flyouts

I will post pictures later

How was my liftoff?

Sorry my iPad ran out of battery so can’t join anynore

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@flyin_hawaiian it was majestic

Thank you very much

Thank you @United403, just lifted off on way to Chicago. Great work managing the traffic!

Anyone gonna join?

It was stressful but I was slow and careful

@VVESM4N I will join in 2

Got it! I am here, streaming lonely.


Please join @VVESM4N Stream!! They are the best quality on YouTube

And I’m officially closed!! I wish a safe flight to everyone

Thanks for letting me take part in this event! I had fun!


Thank you everyone for joining my stream. I am descending shortly so you may join back soon if you would like.

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