Departed / 15JAN22 / 2100z High Desert Flyout! @KRDM

Hello there!

Welcome to the High Desert Flyout!

Redmond’s airport has gotten a fair amount of attention since it became a 3D airport, currently at the time of typing this, the only 3D airport in Oregon. It has service to many major destinations dotted across the west coast and then some.

Redmond is located in what’s called the High Desert. To the west is the Cascade mountain range, which you may have seen some of the big mountains when flying up and down the US west coast. The tallest of those are actually dormant volcanoes. It’s 232 kilometers (or for the US-based users, 3,321,403 big macs stacked vertically) to the south east of Portland, Oregon.

~Event Specifics~
When: 2100z (otherwise 1PM PST)
Where: Redmond, OR (KRDM)
Server: Expert
Type: Flyout

Terminal Apron Gates:
Gate 1: Alaska SkyWest E175 | To San Diego (KSAN) | @Kirby_D

Gate 2: Alaska SkyWest E175 | To Los Angeles (KLAX) | @plane_guy12

Gate 3: Alaska SkyWest E175 | To San Francisco (KSFO) | @AIDAN101

Gate 4: Alaska B737-800 | To Seattle (KSEA) | @United403

Gate 5: Alaska Horizon E175 | To Las Vegas (KLAS) | @Oregon001

Gate 6: Delta Connection E175 | to Salt Lake City (KSLC) | @RagonDragon

Gate 7: Delta Connection E175 | To Seattle (KSEA) | @Bay_Area_Aviation

Gate 8: United SkyWest E175 | To Los Angeles (KLAX) | @Mr_A1B3RT

Gate 9: United SkyWest E175 | To San Francisco (KSFO) | @samuelhart20081

Gate 10: United A320-200 | To Denver (KDEN) | @Neva

Gate 11: Avelo B737-800 | To Palm Springs (KPSP) | @Butter575

Do note I can sub in an American Eagle CRJ7 to Phoenix if that’s something of interest


Cargo Ramps:
North Tie Down 6-1: FedEx C208 | to Klamath Falls (KLMT) | Vacant

North Tie Down 6-2: FedEx C208 | to Portland (KPDX) | @JMacMcd


Private Jets
None yet


General Aviation
None yet


ATC Spots:



The Fine Print

-If you get a violation, that’s on you not me. I’m not responsible for any vios earned at the event.
-Act as if you’re professionals
-In the event ATC doesn’t show, use Unicom appropriately and correctly.
-If you take a gate, I ask you actually show up
-If you’re wondering who took the photos, it was I, @AIDAN101


~If there’s any formatting issues, do let me know but I’m pretty sure this is all correct~


This please and thank you


the pfp is still tripping me out lol

and i’ll get you down for that momentarily!

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This but to Palm Springs please


Alright I’ve got you down for an Avelo flight to PSP!

Thanks for organizing. I did the original 2d rework of this airport, so dear to my heart. I’ll take Gate 1, Alaska E175 to KSAN.

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Gate 1 at this very special airport is all yours!

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Gate 2: Alaska SkyWest E175 | To Los Angeles (KLAX) | Vacant
Can I have this Please

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Yes, yes you can and I’ll get you down shortly!

Small simple event bump

Let’s get some signups, plenty of gates to go to a nice selection of locations!

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event bump

I’ll take this

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I’ve got you signed up for North Tie Down 6-2!

Relevancy bump

Tons of gates still available to places all over the west coast! Get yours today!

i can’t believe you didn’t @ me. we have a pretty boring selection of flights here so i think i’ll take a citation x or challenger 350 depending on what we have by then down to KCRQ please.

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Well I figured you’d stumble onto this at some point and it didn’t really occur to me to @ anyone

I can get you down for Tie Down 4-1 in the Citation X, and I won’t hesitate to swap it over to the Challenger 350 when it comes out (mainly because there’s no other option really)

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awesome thank you so much! and thanks for the traffic at KRDM! looking forward to this

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No problem!

I do hope there’s traffic, because that’s the plan!

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Event bump