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Welcome to Anchorage!

Anchorage is the largest city in the state of Alaska and is in possession of the largest airport in the state. Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport has a history of being a stop-over airport. It used service long haul traffic passenger traffic from North America to Asia as well as aircraft avoiding Soviet airspace from Europe flying to Asia. Now it is a stop-over point mainly only for cargo aircraft between Asia and North America. It also serves as a hub for regional Alaskan traffic.

Flight Information:
When: 4th February, 2023 at 1700Z
Where: PANC
Server: Training Server

Gates and ATC are available below:
There are MANY MANY choices, so choose wisely

North (International) Terminal Gates
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Aircraft Pilot Flight Time Callsign
N01 Frankfurt(EDDF) Thomas Cook B767-300 8:50
N02 Vancouver(CYVR) Alaska Airlines B737-900 @Southwest813 4:00
N03 Available for International Destination
N04 Available for International Destination
N05 Petropavlovsk(UHPP) Yakutia Airlines(Generic) B737-800 4:00
N06 Available for International Destination
N07 Vancouver(CYVR) Air Canada A321 2:40
N08 Available for International Destination
South (Domestic) Terminal Gates
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Aircraft Pilot Flight Time Callsign
A05 Sand Point(PASD) Ravn Alaska(Generic) Q400 2:30
A06 Cold Bay(PACD) Ravn Alaska(Generic) Q400 2:20
A07 Aniak(PANI) Ravn Alaska(Generic) Q400 1:20
A08 Dillingham(PADL) Alaska Airlines E175 1:20
A10 Juneau(PAJN) Alaska Airlines B737-800 1:40
A14 Houston(KIAH) United B737-900 6:35
A15 Portland(KPDX) Alaska Airlines B737-900 3:30
B01 Honolulu(PHNL) Alaska Airlines(Virgin Livery) B737-900 @Ryan_15 6:00
B02 Kahului(PHOG) Alaska Airlines B737-900 @AmericanB772 6:00
B03 Minneapolis(KMSP) Delta B757 @samuelhart20081 5:15
B04 Denver(KDEN) United B737-900 @Avaitor1 5:00
B05 Seattle(KSEA) Delta A220 @XXTHUNDERDOMEXX 3:40
B06 Los Angeles(KLAX) Alaska Airlines B737-900 @EUG_Aviation 5:15
B07 Everett(KPAE) Alaska Airlines E175 @Growler08 3:20
B08 Chicago(KORD) United B737-900 @UALPilot 5:30
B09 Newark(KEWR) United B757 @United403 6:40
C01 @AlaskaAirlinesVA
C02 @AlaskaAirlinesVA
C03 King Salmon(PAKN) Alaska Airlines E175 @Real-ak907 1:00
C04 Barrow(PABR) Alaska Airlines(Generic) B737-700 @IFA_YT 1:55
C05 @AlaskaAirlinesVA
C06 @AlaskaAirlinesVA
C07 Kodiak(PADQ) Alaska Airlines(Generic) B737-700 @Chillin907 1:00
C08 San Francisco(KSFO) Alaska Airlines B737-900 RagonDragon 4:00
C09 Kona(PHKO) @AlaskaAirlinesVA B737-900 @Kirby_D 6:00
Cargo Stands
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Aircraft Pilot Flight Time Callsign
North Cargo 01 Available
North Cargo 02 Available
North Cargo 03 Available
North Cargo 04 Available
North Cargo 05 Jakarta(WIII) Ethiopian Cargo B777F 13:30
North Cargo 06 Columbus(KLCK) Etihad Cargo B777F 5:20
North Cargo 07 Dallas(KDFW) China Cargo B777F 5:50
UPS Cargo 10 Seoul(RKSI) UPS B747-8F 9:00
UPS Cargo 11 Louisville(KSDF) UPS B747-8F @IF515 5:15
UPS Cargo 12 @UPSVirtual
UPS Cargo 13 @UPSVirtual
UPS Cargo 15 Osaka(RJBB) @UPSVirtual MD-11F @JetSetBOS 7:30
UPS Cargo 16 @UPSVirtual
UPS Cargo 17 @UPSVirtual
UPS Cargo 18 Seattle-Boeing(KBFI) UPS B747-8F 3:30
UPS Cargo 19 Hong Kong(VHHH) UPS B747-8F 11:00
UPS Cargo 20 @UPSVirtual
UPS Cargo 21 @UPSVirtual
UPS Cargo 22 @UPSVirtual
UPS Cargo 23 London-Stansted(EGSS) UPS MD11F @Ben_Walsh 8:30
UPS Cargo 24 @UPSVirtual
UPS Cargo 25 @UPSVirtual
FedEx Cargo 01 Winnipeg(CYWG) @FedExVirtual MD11F @CaptainRex_Aviation 4:00
FedEx Cargo 02 Newark(KEWR) FedEx MD11F @Aiden_Hodges 6:30
FedEx Cargo 03 Oakland(KOAK) @FedExVirtual B777F @Flyin.Hawaiian 4:15 FedEx 992VG
FedEx Cargo 04 Chicago(KORD) @FedExVirtual B777F @JMacMcD 5:10 FedEx 748VG
FedEx Cargo 05 Memphis(KMEM) @FedExVirtual MD-11F @anon427511 FedEx 74VG
FedEx Cargo 06 @FedExVirtual
FedEx Cargo 07 @FedExVirtual
FedEx Cargo 08 Seattle(KSEA) @FedExVirtual B777F @AxolotlsMaster 3:40 FedEx 492VG
FedEx Cargo 09 Indianapolis(KIND) @FedExVirtual MD-11F @Kbeemer 5:40 FedEx 243VG
FedEx Cargo 10 Junaeu(PAJN) @FedExVirtual B737-800(Generic) @ANDER_DE_IRIBAR FedEx 280VG
FedEx Cargo 11 @FedExVirtual
FedEx Cargo 12 Oakland(KOAK) @FedExVirtual B777F @Dodsky 4:15 FedEx 212VG
FedEx Feeder Cargo 01 Fairbanks(PAFA) FedEx C208 @Artemiypilot 0:55
FedEx Feeder Cargo 02 Homer(PAHO) FedEx C208 1:00
FedEx Feeder Cargo 03 Juneau(PAJN) FedEx C208 2:40
FedEx Feeder Cargo 04 Kenai(PAEN) FedEx C208 @Chillin907 0:15
FedEx Feeder Cargo 05 Kodiak(PADQ) FedEx C208 1:00
FedEx Feeder Cargo 06 Sitka(PASI) FedEx C208 2:10
FedEx Feeder Cargo 07 King Salmon(PAKN) FedEx C208 1:10
FedEx Feeder Cargo 08 Yakutat(PAYA) FedEx C208 1:45
FedEx Feeder Cargo 09 @FedExVirtual
FedEx Feeder Cargo 10 @FedExVirtual
FedEx Feeder Cargo 11 @FedExVirtual
P01 Atlanta(KATL) China Cargo B777F 6:00
P02 Guadalajara(MMGL) Korean Air Cargo B777F 6:50
P03 Chicago(KORD) Nippon Cargo NCA B747-8F 5:10
R02 New York(KJFK) Atlas Air(Passenger) B747-400 6:30
R03 Los Angeles(KLAX) Cargolux B747-8F @AviationAlpha 5:15
R04 Los Angeles(KLAX) Eva Air B777F 5:15
R07 Seattle(KSEA) Seattle Seahawks B747-8F 3:40
R08 Shanghai(ZSPD) China Southern Cargo B777F 8:30
R09 Beijing(ZBAA) China Cargo B777F 7:40
R10 New York(KJFK) Korean Air Cargo B777F 6:30
R11 Nagoya(RJNA) DHL B777F @Kody_Scheier 6:45
R12 Miami(KMIA) Korean Air Cargo B777F 7:50
R13 Tokyo Narita(RJAA) ANA Cargo B777F 6:40
R14 Osaka(RJOO) Southern Air B777F 6:55
Alaska Air Cargo 01 Deadhorse(PASC) Alaska Air Cargo(Generic) B737-800 1:50
Alaska Air Cargo 02 Dillingham(PADL) Alaska Air Cargo(Generic) B737-800 0:50
Alaska Air Cargo 03 Cordova(PACV) Alaska Air Cargo(Generic) B737-700 0:55
Alaska Air Cargo 04 Barrow(PABR) Alaska Air Cargo(Generic) B737-700 1:55
Northern Air Cargo 01 Aniak(PANI) Northern Air Cargo(Generic) B767 1:00
Northern Air Cargo 02 Bethel(PABE) Northern Air Cargo(Generic) B737-700 1:00
Northern Air Cargo 03 Red Dog(PADG) Northern Air Cargo(Generic) B737-700 1:30
Air National Guard Stands
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Aircraft Pilot Callsign
Alaska ANG 01 Kodiak(PADQ) Civil Air Patrol C172 1:50
Alaska ANG 02 Eielson AFB(PAEI) USAF F22 0:40
Alaska ANG 03 Eielson AFB(PAEI) USAF F22 0:40
Alaska ANG 04 Juneau(PAJN) USCG C130J 1:40
GA Tie Downs

Type what apron and which tie down zone you want

Gate Destination Airline/Livery Aircraft Pilot Callsign
North Tie Down GA Aprons 01-55 Available
South Tie Down GA Aprons 01-87 Available
West Tie Down GA Aprons 01-29 Available

Ground: @Butter575
Tower: @Butter575
Approach: @anon38552190
Departure: @anon38552190
Anchorage Center: @IF_California

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  • I am not responsible for violations
  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If there is no ATC, use the Unicom correctly
  • No pattern work
  • Act professional
  • Have Fun!
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ill take this but to Kahului

ok, no problem

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This please

done, got you down for the windy city

Ups md-11F to london stansted ups cargo gate 23


I’ll take UPS Cargo 11 please.

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can I have this but to Honolulu please

you want that special livery eh?XD. ofc no problem. I’ll sign you up

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I’ll take these

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This one but united and the 900

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no barrow flight, wow i see how it is lol. can I get a Alaska 737-700 over to barrow

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its a shame that they don’t have the Alaska Airlines livery for the 700

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Can I have the Alaska Airlines flight to LAX

you sure can

I’ll take these please!