[DEPARTED] 11MAR2023 | Christchurch Flyout | NZCH

I can do this for u bud @JMacMcd

sure thing, thx for the help

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@JMacMcd I’ll help bump this

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Bumping the event

Refreshing the event

Can I be at gate 26?

If so,Then I’m planning to be 688

@JMacMcd i can no longer join


@SWA1997 would you be able to take Ground/Tower please?

Can I switch to ATC?

well I have someone that can do it that isn’t signed up. So do you want to switch from a flight to ATC. Because I will get us ATC coverage.

Yes, I would like to switch from my flight to ATC. If @SWA1997 is doing APPR and departure, can I do ground and tower?


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Very nice flyout!

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Indeed! It was a good day for Christchurch airport

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Sorry y’all I was busy with an interview for work

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