[DEPARTED] 11FEB2023 | Great White North Flyout | CYZF

Welcome to Yellowknife!

Yellowknife is the capital of the Northwest Territories. The airport services local northern flights as well as some flights to major Canadian cities in the west. The airport consists of a small plus a few hard stands and has two runways to be used.

I hope everyone enjoys the event and takes advantage to do some flying in the north of Canada!

Flight Information:
When: 11th February, 2023 at 1600Z
Where: CYZF
Server: Training Server

Gates and ATC are available below:

Terminal Gates
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Aircraft Pilot Callsign
Gate 1 Edmonton(CYEG) Air Canada(Express) CRJ-900 @Aviation2929
Gate 2 Kelowna(CYLW) Air Canada(Express) CRJ-900 @Ryan_15
Gate 3 Vancouver(CYVR) Air Canada(Express) CRJ-900 @anon38552190
Gate 4 Edmonton(CYEG) Westjet(Encore) Q400 @RagonDragon
Gate 5 Ottawa(CYOW) Air North(Generic) B737-700 @Southwest813
Gate 6 Calgary(CYYC) Westjet B737-700 @Growler08
Gate 7 Toronto(CYYZ) Air North(Generic) B737-700 @Wonderousbuilder641
Gate 8 Whitehorse(CYXY) Air North(Generic) B737-700 @Butter575
Remote Stands
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Aircraft Pilot Callsign
Terminal Remote Ramp 1 Iqaluit(CYFB) Generic Q400 C-GCNN
First Air Ramp 1 Hall Beach(CYUX) Generic Q400 C-GSRR
First Air Ramp 2 Resolute Bay(CYRB) Generic Q400 @JMacMcD C-FTID
First Air Ramp 3 Montreal(CYUL) Generic B737-700 C-GFAB
RCAF Ramp 1 Available
RCAF Ramp 2 Available
Spur Aviations Ramp 1 Available
Buffalo Airways Hangar CFB Moose Jaw(CYMJ) RCAF C130J-30
Buffalo Airways Ramp 1 Kugluktuk(CYCO) Infinite Flight(Light) TBM-930
Buffalo Airways Ramp 2 Cambridge Bay(CYCB) Infinite Flight(Light) TBM-930
Buffalo Airways Ramp 3 Norman Wells(CYVQ) Generic B737-700 C-FIQM
Buffalo Airways Ramp 4 Tulita(CZFN) Brown and White SR22 C-FBFL
Buffalo Airways Ramp 5 Hay River(CYHY) Infinite Flight C172
Buffalo Airways Ramp 6 Fort Good Hope(CYGH) Infinite Flight(Light) TBM-930
Buffalo Airways Ramp 7 Déline(CYWJ) Yellow XCub C-FDQJ
Air Tindi Hangar 1 Fort Simpson(CYFS) Generic Q400 C-FATO
Air Tindi Ramp 1 Hay River(CYHY) Generic C208 C-FKAY
Air Tindi Ramp 2 Łutselk’e(CYLK) Private 2 C208 @CanadianNorth C-GNWT
Air Tindi Ramp 3 Gamètì(CYRA) Generic C208 C-FTIN
Air Tindi Ramp 4 Whatì(CEM3) Generic C208 C-FATN
BBE Ramp 1 CFB Cold Lake(CYOD) RCAF C130J-30
North-Wright Airways Ramp 1 Colville Lake(CYVL) Private 1 C208 C-GAAP
Arctic Sunwest Charters Ramp 1 Whitehorse(CYXY) Private E175 @IFA_YT Private Wings 801
Arctic Sunwest Charters Ramp 2 Kelowna(CYLW) Westjet Encore Q400 @NathanPreuss
Arctic Sunwest Charters Ramp 3 Available

Ground: @UALPilot
Tower: @UALPilot
Edmonton Center: @thenewpilot

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  • I am not responsible for violations
  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If there is no ATC, use the Unicom correctly
  • Pattern work allowed
  • Act professional
  • Have Fun!
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enroute to CYVR pls

sure thing

Great, can’t wait!

yeah I’m looking to do some more Northern/Canadian flyouts in the future. I’m thinking of Whitehorse too maybe. But there isn’t a lot of destination variety for Whitehorse

Can I be changed to the westjet flight to Calgary going out of g06 on the 73

ok, I changed your gate

Hi @JMacMcd Yes! This Is My Hometown …So There is no longer Arctic Sunwest it is Now Summit Air
Could I use C208 for AirTindi Ltd Ramp 2(Across from Buffalo Airways) to CYLK (Lutselk’e) This is an actual Sked Flight Please And Thanx. So Excited for this one ☝️. Awesome 👏

Awesome, glad to have you! Always nice to run into a fellow Canadian. For your flight, do you mind telling me what livery and what your callsign is please. Thanks!

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Yeah. Since there’s no TINDI call sign
I can use C-GNWT C208 Private 2 livery
I was gonna ask to use the Dash 8 Generic livery as we get Dash 7 regularly or Twin otters. It Doesn’t allow me to gate a Q 400 in CYLK. But it is a STOL aircraft and I can easily land it there. Lol. The flight is 25 mins in Q400 or C208 is 45 mins

I will take Ground and Tower

ok, I’ll give you the Private 2 livery for the C208 with callsign C-GNWT

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sure thing

does cyzf have DEP/APP

It does not unfortunately. Would you be interested in the flights though? I picked the airport due to the several interesting northern flights. A nice change from flying between regular large airport.

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can i take a e190 (ger) over to white horse, been there irl

and not a gate stand

charter flight!

I have a flight to Whitehorse at Gate 8. You want an E190 at a stand instead?

yea, a stand instead, i what to do a charter flight