DEPARTED 11DEC22 Extraordinary Eugene Flyout! @KEUG

Hello there and welcome to the Eugene flyout!

Not sure an event has done anything with Eugene in a while, so I’m having a go at it

Event Info:
Time: 1800z (the conversion to your time is found below in the going/interested/not going box)
Server: Expert
Where: Eugene (KEUG)

Eugene is situated at the southern portion of the Willamette Valley in Oregon, and handles a wide variety of traffic. With the release of the E175 and the American A319, many more of the routes are suddenly complete!

Route Map Photo, From The City Of Eugene

If you see a route in the route map that you want, but it isn’t listed below, do research into what aircraft type it uses and if it even runs still.

A Gates

A1 - American A319-100 - to Dallas (KDFW) - @AirCanada11

A2 - Delta E175 - to Seattle (KSEA 3D) - @AmericanEagle

A3 - Delta E175 - to Salt Lake City (KSLC 3D) - @plane_guy12

A4 - Avelo B737-800 - to Palm Springs (KPSP) @Butter575

A5 - Allegiant A320-200 - to Las Vegas (KLAS 3D) - @RagonDragon

A6 - Southwest B737-800 - to Oakland (KOAK) - VACANT

B Gates

B1 - Alaska Horizon E175 - to Seattle (KSEA 3D) - @anon36731834

B2 - Alaska Skywest E175 - to Los Angeles (KLAX 3D) - @United403

B3 - Alaska Horizon Q400 - to Seattle (KSEA 3D) - @Artemiypilot

Cargo Ramps

Cargo Ramp 1 - FedEx C208 - Roseburg (KRBG) - VACANT
Cargo Ramp 2 - FedEx C208 - Portland (KPDX) - @Einstein
Cargo Ramp 3 - AIRPAC C208 - Portland (KPDX) - @Flyin.Hawaiian
(AIRPAC uses a Mokulele livery C208 [it’s registered as N841MA if curious] so feel free to use that if you want)

GA Ramps

GA Ramps can be added as requested

Gate assignment and route info found via flightradar24’s arrivals, departures and playbacks, as well as looking at the available ramps in IF



ATC Services
Ground……… Available
Tower………… Available
Departure…… Available
Approach…… Available



Side, but important, notes:
-I’m not responsible for violations earned
-If ATC cannot be present, use Unicom respectfully
-I require you have fun
-If you sign up, I ask you show up or at least resign from the spot when it’s not last minute

~If there’s any formatting issues, let me know in the replies down below~

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This but to Palm Springs please

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What aircraft and airline? or does Avelo fly to PSP?

Avelo flies to PSP. It starts in November

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Nice to hear they’re expanding

I’ll get you down

Palm Springs isn’t 3D btw

Thanks for pointing it out, I must’ve forgot to remove that, let me just fix that real quick

Lots of routes from an underrated airport in the Pacific Northwest, why not sign up and take one of the flights?

Can I snag this gate?

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Yes, yes you can!

I’ll get you down for it

Can I take this on please,but on Q400?

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Yep I can get you down for it with the good ol Q400

A2 - Delta E175 - to Seattle (KSEA 3D) - I’ll take this one, if it’s available.

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Considering the “- available” is still there, it’s available and I’ll get you down for that very soon!

4 gates and all cargo and GA slots are still available to a large selection of destinations!
If you don’t like the destinations pre-entered in the assignment area, then use the route map and find a new one! Just make sure it’s still running and find an aircraft actually being used on it!

Can I have this please?
A6 - Southwest B737-800 - to Oakland (KOAK) - Available

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i don’t know, can you?

I got you signed up btw

Oh sorry, WDYM?

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the whole ‘can i’ ‘can you’ thing is a joke thing

there’s many examples online of it if curious

i dont use it all the time because of situations like this, but it just kinda slipped out this time, not trying to come off as bad or anything

Oh I am so sorry I was just asking if I can reserve that gate that’s all, not trying to make it look like a joke, sorry

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