(DEPARTED) 10SEP22 Buffalo Niagara Fly-out @KBUF

Welcome to Buffalo Niagara Fly-Out this event is being hosted by @AirCanada11 @AmericanB772 and myself I have helped with this topic the event with start on September 10 on a Saturday Afternoon on
Training Server


We are not responsible for your violations

Level 1 - Level 3 Violations

Follow ATC instructions

Aircraft bigger then a 747 or a A380 are not allowed you must divert

Landing runway 23 | 5

Takeoff runway 14 | 32

Buffalo Niagara International Airport Wikipedia

Buffalo Niagara Falls

120.5 Tower : @United403

133.2 Ground : @United403

124.6 Departure : @Generic_Flyer

126.15 approach : @Generic_Flyer

128.9 center :

Airport Diagram


Gates | Airline | Aircraft | destinations |

Gate 1)Frontier A320-200 RSW, Fort Myers

Gate 2)Frontier A320-200 MCO, Orlando @AmericanB772

Gate 3)Frontier A321-200 LAS, Las Vegas

Gate 4)American B737-800 CLT, Charlotte @Ashwanth_razil

Gate 5)American A321-200 ORD, Chicago

Gate 6)American CRJ-900 DCA, Washington

Gate 7)Jetblue A320-200 FLL, Fort Lauradale @AirCanada11

Gate 8)Jetblue E190 JFK, New York @Dave_s_Aviation

Gate 10)Jetblue A320-200 LAX, Los Angeles @Avaitor1

Gate 11)United CRJ-200 IAD, Washington @United403

Gate 12)United CRJ-200 EWR, Newark @Butter575

Gate 14)United 737-900 ORD, Chicago @LongHaulGuy

Gate 15)Southwest 737-700 DEN, Denver @RagonDragon

Gate 16)Southwest 737-800, BWI, Baltimore

Gate 18)Southwest 737-800 FLL, Fort Lauradale @Chaseelliottfan9WG

Gate 19)Southwest 737-700 MCO, Orlando

Gate 20)Delta A321-200 ATL, Atlanta

Gate 21)Southwest 737-700 MDW, Chicago @Southwest_2115

Gate 22)Delta E175 LGA, New York

Gate 23)Delta A319-100 MSP, Minneapolis @Ty_Davis

Gate 24)Delta 717-200 DTW, Detroit @Jayden_Castillo

Gate 25)Delta CRJ-900 JFK, New York

Gate 26)Sun Country 737-800 MSP, Minneapolis

Ramp Airline aircraft Destination
UPS Cargo Ramp 1 UPS A330-200F KLAS
UPS Cargo Ramp2 UPS MD-11F CYYC
FedEx Ramp 1 FedEx DC-10F KMEM
FedEx Ramp 2 FedEx MD-11F KMIA
FedEx Ramp 3 FedEx MD-11F KSEA
FedEx Ramp 4A-4B FedEx Cessna 208 Caravan KSTC
Cargo Ramp 7 DHL Cessna 208 Caravan KPIT


Can I take this please but on a -700 please?

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You got it @Butter575 thabks for being the first sign up

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Thanks! Can’t wait

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Your signed up

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Let’s get some more sign ups

Could I get the United Express flight to Washington Dulles

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Awesome Event! Can I have the E-190 to JFK?

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Can I fly a southwest B737 to KTPA please

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@Dave_s_Aviation @United403 @AmericanB772 you are signed up

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Can I get the E190 Please? Sorry.

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Thank you so much!

@AmericanB772 we do not have a flight to Tampa i put you on to fort Lauderdale

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Okay sure, thanks!

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No problem

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Let’s get some more sign ups


But instead can I fly a frontier A320?

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Yes you can @AmericanB772

Let’s get some more sign ups

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Everyone ATC is needed for this event