Departed / 05FEB / 1900Z The Very Large Portland Flyout @KPDX

Hello there!

Welcome to the Very Large Portland Flyout!

Portland International is the largest airport in the state of Oregon. It has service to places all over the country and even some international flights, from big name cities like Los Angeles and New York to lesser known ones like Fresno and Newport. From wide bodies like the A330 to small turbo props like the Q400. There’s a fair amount of variety here.

The airport is in Northern Oregon, not the Portland on the east coast just in case you’re confused, situated along the Columbia River that is the border between Oregon and Washington. It’s about 30min flying south of Seattle and 1 and a half hours of flying north of San Francisco.

PDX has got 3 runways – 10L/28R, 10R/28L and 3/21 (don’t recall ever seeing it used though)

Event Details:

Server: Expert

Time: 1900z (11AM PST (fixed)) on the 5th of February 2023

Where: KPDX

Event Type: Flyout

Terminal Gates

A Gates (Alaska Horizon & Skywest, Air Canada, WestJet)

A1 – Alaska Horizon E175 – to Fresno (KFAT) - Vacant

A2 – Alaska Horizon E175 – to Spokane (KGEG) - Vacant

A3 – Alaska Horizon E175 – to Palm Springs (KPSP) - Vacant

A4 – Alaska Horizon E175 – to Oakland (KOAK) - @Real-ak907

A6 – Alaska Skywest E175 – to San Jose (KSJC) - Vacant

A9 – Alaska Skywest E175 – to Santa Barbara (KSBA) - Vacant

A10 – Alaska Horizon Q400 – to Spokane (KGEG) - Vacant

A11 – Alaska Skywest E175 – to Salt Lake City (KSLC) - Vacant

A12 – Alaska Horizon Q400 – to Bellingham (KBLI) - Vacant

A13 – WestJet Q400 – to Calagary (CYYC) - Vacant

A14 – Air Canada Q400 – to Vancouver (CYVR) – @Ken_wei

Do Note: the Air Canada and WestJet routes run out of the E-Gates, however most of the E-Gates aren’t in IF so I moved them here.

B Gates (Alaska Horizon)

B1 – Alaska Horizon Q400 – to Sacramento (KSMF) - Vacant

B2 – Alaska Horizon Q400 – to Medford (KMFR) - Vacant

B3 – Alaska Horizon E175 – to Seattle (KSEA) - Vacant

Do Note: Alaska Horizon’s Q400s are being retired soon, if they haven’t already (not sure when I’ll be posting this)

C Gates (Alaska, American, Allegiant)

C1 – Alaska B737-800 – to Kahului (PHOG) - @AIDAN101

C2 – Alaska B737-800 – to Kahului (PHOG) – @Flyin.Hawaiian

C3 – Alaska B737-800 – to Los Angeles (KLAX) - Vacant

C4 – Alaska B737-900 – to Palm Springs (KPSP) – @Butter575

C5 – Alaska B737-800 – to Boise (KBOI) - Vacant

C6 - Alaska B737-900 – to San Jose del Cabo (MMSD) – Vacant

C7 – Alaska B737-900 – to San Diego (KSAN) - Vacant

C8 – Alaska B737-900 – to San Jose (KSJC) - Vacant

C9 – Alaska B737-900 – to Phoenix (KPHX) - Vacant

C10 – Alaska B737-800 – to Austin (KAUS) - Vacant

C11 - Alaska B737-900 - to New York (KJFK) – Vacant

C12 – Alaska A320-200 – to San Francisco (KSFO) - Vacant

C13 – Alaska B737-900 – to Kailua-Kona (PHKO) - Vacant

C14 – Allegiant A320-200 – to Provo (KPVU) - @United403

C15 – Alaska B737-900 – to Boston (KBOS) - @JetSetBOS

C16 – American A321-200 – to Charlotte (KCLT) - Vacant

C17 – American A321-200 – to Dallas (KDFW) - Vacant

C18 – American B737-800 – to Phoenix (KPHX) - Vacant

C19 – American E175 – to Los Angeles (KLAX) – Vacant

C20 - American E175 – to Phoenix (KPHX) - Vacant

C21 – American B737-800 – to Chicago (KORD) - @UALPilot

D Gates (British, Condor, Delta, Frontier, Hawaiian, Iceland Air, Spirit, Sun Country)

D1 – Frontier A320-200 – to Denver (KDEN) - Vacant

D2 – Southwest B737-700 – to San Jose (KSJC) - @Bay_Area_Aviation

D3 - Frontier A320-200 – to Las Vegas (KLAS) – @IFA_YT

D4 – Southwest B737-700 – to Phoenix (KPHX) - Vacant

D5 – Spirit A320-200 – to Las Vegas (KLAS) - Vacant

D6 – Sun Country B737-800 – to Minneapolis (KMSP) - Vacant

D7 – Delta A220-300 – to Los Angeles (KLAX) - Vacant

D8 – Delta B737-900 – to Atlanta (KATL) - Vacant

D9 - Delta E175 - to Seattle (KSEA) – @EUG_Aviation

D10 - Delta B737-900 – to Salt Lake City (KSLC) - @RagonDragon

D11 – Delta A330-300 – to Amsterdam (EHAM) - Vacant

D12 – Iceland Air B757-200 – to Reykjavik (BIKF) - Vacant

D13 – Condor B767-300 – to Frankfurt (EDDF) (Seasonal) - @Yukiros_31

D14 – British Airways B777-200 – to London (EGLL) - Vacant

D15 – β€œHawaiian” A330-300 – to Honolulu (PHNL) – Vacant


D11 can also go to Tokyo (RJTT)

D15 can also go to Kahului (PHOG) but I have yet to verify they’re currently using the A330 on it…

Do Note: Hawaiian Airlines’ A330-200 is not in IF, so use generic A330-300, the 767

E-Gates (United)

E1 – United B737-900 – to Denver (KDEN) - Vacant

E2 – United B737-900 – to Houston (KIAH) - Vacant

E3 – United B737-900 – t0 Washington (KIAD) - @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek

E4 – United A320-200 – to San Francisco (KSFO) - @itscay519

Do Note: Most of the E-Gates don’t exist in IF’s rendition of PDX, so those flights will be largely skipped or moved to other gates. Regional aircraft from Canada, and Southwest will largely be effected.

Cargo Ramps

UPS Ramps

South UPS Ramp 1 – UPS MD-11F – to Louisville (KSDF) – Vacant

South UPS Ramp 2 – UPS B757-200 – to Philadelphia (KPHL) – Vacant

South UPS Ramp 3 – UPS B767-300 – to Ontario (KONT) - Vacant

FedEx Ramps

South FedEx Ramp 1 – FedEx MD-11F – to Memphis (KMEM) – Vacant

South FedEx Ramp 2 – FedEx MD-11F – to Indianapolis (KIND) – Vacant

South FedEx Ramp 3 – FedEx MD-11F – to Oakland (KOAK) – Vacant

South FedEx Ramp 4 – FedEx B757-200 – to Fort Worth (AWF) - Vacant

South FedEx Ramp 5 – FedEx C208 – to Newport (KONP) – Vacant

South FedEx Ramp 6 – FedEx C208 – to Corvallis (KCVO) – Vacant

South FedEx Ramp 7 – FedEx C208 – to Redmond (KRDM) – Vacant

the rest of the ramps can be requested per request

Prime Air Ramps

South Cargo Ramp 1 – Prime Air B767-300 (Operated by ATI) – to Seattle (KSEA) - Vacant

South Cargo Ramp 2 – Prime Air B767-300 (Operated by Atlas Air) – to Cincinnati (KCVG) - Vacant

South Cargo Ramp 3 – Prime Air B737-800 (Operated by Sun Country) – to Fairbanks (PAFA) - Vacant

Do Note: the prime air flights would have to be operated in the generic livery, as they don’t have liveries in IF.

Oregon Air National Guard

Oregon Air National Guard Ramps

West ANG Ramps 1-12 can be requested with either an F/A-18, F-16, F-22, C-130J, C-17 or KC-10

Center ANG Ramps 1-3 can be requested with either an F/A-18, F-22, or F-16

Center ANG Hangars 1-4 can be requested with either an F/A-18, F-22, or F-16

Center ANG Hangars B1-B9 can be requested with either an F/A-18, F-22, or F-16

ATC Positions:

Ground: Vacant

Tower: Vacant

Approach: Vacant

Departure: Vacant




-If you get a violation, that’s on you not me. I’m not responsible for any vios earned at the event.
-Act as if you’re professionals
-In the event ATC doesn’t show, use Unicom appropriately and correctly.
-If you’re wondering who took the photos, it was I, @AIDAN101

You’ve scrolled down this far, so let me know if you’ve found any formatting problems and what not!
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D12 Iceland Air 757-200 to KEF please

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