[DEPARTED] 01APR2023 | Massive Montreal Flyout | CYUL,CYMX,CYHU,CSS3

Welcome to my biggest event yet! Can’t wait to see you all there. This event is an area wide event happening in Montreal.

Montreal is one of the largest cities in Canada and 2nd largest french speaking city in the world. It is also home to one of the busiest Canadian airports along with some other airports. This event will be taking part across 4 airports around the Montreal Area.

Event Information:

1st of April, 2023 at 1900Z
Montreal Area: CYUL, CYMX, CYHU, CSS3
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Gates Assignments

There will be no gate assignments for this event at any of the 4 airports. However, feel free to still click on ‘Going’ if you will be present.

Montreal-Trudeau International Airport - CYUL

CYUL is the main airport as well as the biggest airport in the Montreal airport. It serves almost all passenger air travel. It serves flights from across Canada, the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Recommended Routes

Short Haul <3hrs

Route Airline Aircraft
Quebec City(CYQB) Air Canada A319, Q400
Ottawa(CYOW) Air Canada CRJ-900, Q400
Toronto-Pearson(CYYZ) Air Canada, Westjet, Porter A220, A330-300, A321, E175, Q400
Toronto-City(CYTZ) Air Canada, Porter Q400
Halifax(CYHZ) Air Canada, Porter A220, Q400
New York-JFK(KJFK) Delta CRJ-900
New York-La Guardia(KLGA) Air Canada, American, Delta E175, CRJ-900
Newark(KEWR) Air Canada, United E175
Chicago(KORD) Air Canada, United CRJ-900, E175
Detroit(KDTW) Air Canada, Delta CRJ-200, CRJ-900
Washington-Dulles(KIAD) Air Canada, United E175, CRJ-700
Washington-Reagan(KDCA) Air Canada CRJ-200
Boston(KBOS) Air Canada E175
Philadelphia(KPHL) American CRJ-700

Medium Haul 3-7hrs

Route Airline Aircraft
Vancouver(CYVR) Air Canada, Air Transat B777-300, A330-300
Calgary(CYYC) Air Canada, Westjet A220, B787-9, B737-800
Edmonton(CYEG) Air Canada A220
Los Angeles(KLAX) Air Canada A220
San Francisco(KSFO) Air Canada A220
Miami(KMIA) Air Canada, American A319
Houston(KIAH) Air Canada E175
Dallas(KDFW) Air Canada, American E175, A319
Mexico City(MMMX) Aeromexico B737-800
Cancun(MMUN) Air Canada, Air Transat B777-300, A321, A330-300
St. Maarten(TNCM) Air Transat A330-300

Long Haul >7hrs

Route Airline Aircraft
London-Heathrow(EGLL) Air Canada, British Airways A330-300, B787-8
London-Gatwick(EGKK) Air Transat A330-300
Paris(LFPG) Air Canada, Air Transat, Air France B777-300, A330-300, B787-9
São Paulo(SBRG) Air Canada B787-9
Amsterdam(EHAM) KLM A330-300
Brussels(EBBR) Air Canada A330-300
Doha(OTHH) Qatar B777-300
New Delhi(VIDP) Air Canada B787-9
Tokyo-Narita(RJAA) Air Canada B787-9
Route Finding Resources

Flight Aware
Flight Connections

Airline/Destination List:

Extra Airport Information

Montréal–Trudeau International Airport - Wikipedia


ATC Information

Montreal-Mirabel International Airport - CYMX

CYMX is the second largest airport serving Montreal. It was originally planned to replace CYUL as the main airport for Montreal. However, due to its location, the airport was not popular for passenger flights and now serves only cargo airlines. This airport is also the location of a factory producing the A220 and delivery flights happen quite often. Freighter flights fly from Mirabel to airport across North America and Europe.

Recommended Routes
Route Airline Aircraft
Toronto(CYYZ) FedEx C208
Ottawa(CYOW) FedEx B777F
Memphis(KMEM) FedEx MD-11F
Indianapolis(KIND) FedEx B777F
Louisville(KSDF) UPS A330F
Hamilton(CYHM) Castle Aviation C208
Plattsburgh(KPBG) Castle Aviation C208
Route Finding Resources

Flight Aware

Airline/Destination List:

Extra Airport Information

Montréal–Mirabel International Airport - Wikipedia


ATC Information
Mirabel CTAF

Montreal Saint-Hubert Longueuil Airport - CYHU

CYHU is the smallest airport serving commercial flights in Montreal. It only serves domestic flights across Quebec and the sole operator of these flights is Pascan Aviation. But flights from this airport allow pilots to go and enjoy the scenery around Quebec with these short haul domestic flights.

Recommended Routes
Route Airline Aircraft
Quebec City(CYQB) Sea Blue, Infinite Flight TBM-930, Q400
CFB Bagotville(CYBG) Sea Blue TBM-930
Mont-Joli(CYYY) Sea Blue TBM-930
Iles-de-la-Madeleine(CYGR) Sea Blue TBM-930
Sept-Îles(CYZV) Sea Blue TBM-930
Bonaventure(CYVB) Sea Blue TBM-930
Route Finding Resources

Flight Aware
Flight Connections

Airline/Destination List:

Extra Airport Information

Montreal Saint-Hubert Longueuil Airport - Wikipedia


ATC Information

Montreal/Les Cèdres Airport - CSS3

CSS3 is a General Aviation airport south of Montreal. With a short runway of only 3,000ft, the airport is currently designed to only accommodate GA aircraft.

Extra Airport Information

Montréal/Les Cèdres Airport - Wikipedia

CSS3 Diagram

ATC Information
Les Cedres CTAF

Montreal Area ATC

Montreal Approach:
Montreal Departure:
Montreal Center:
Boston Center:
New York Oceanic:


This event is open to sponsorships from other events and ALL Virtual Airlines. Please reach out if you are interested!

  • I am not responsible for violations
  • Always follow ATC instructions
  • If there is no ATC, then use the Unicom correctly
  • Pattern work reliant on ATIS information
  • Act professional
  • Make sure to have Fun!

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FedEx Virtual Group would Gladly Sponsor this great Event. Were gonna fill Mirabel for sure.

Chief Programs Officer
FedEx Virtual Group

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Awesome! Can’t wait to see you all there!

Refreshing event

I will try to make delivery flight of airBaltic (CYMX-EVRA) which is nearly 8 hours

I wish you luck lol

Refreshing the event!

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