Deny login to restricted aircraft in NOTAM area


Today I accidentally started a flight on TS1 at Lukla, with a restricted aircraft. Thankfully I got out before a ghost, but I have a request. Do not allow restricted aircraft to even log in when they spawn in a restricted area. I always forget to set the server, and by the time I’m logged in, I’m ghosted if I’m in the wrong one.

Any thoughts?

That would be nice, though sometimes it won’t let you take big planes into a small airfield. (Happened to me once)

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Or, you could just not be dumb and not spawn a 737 at lukla…

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It would be acceptable on the Casual server. I just want to be blocked if I’m on the wrong server.

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just don’t spawn in anything YOU know is to large at an airport no matter what server you are on…

Then what is the point of the casual server? Nobody cares what people do on there unless you’re at a designated event, and I respect that.


The whole point of casual server is that there are no rules.

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The point I if the casual server is to still follow rules, but he able to test something out or do an illegal event on other servers. It’s not for people to spawn an A380 at lukla, the restrictions are there for a reason. I’m not trying to be mean, but people need to understand what restrictions are for.

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Not nescsesarily. It’s for testing stuff out or doing an event that would be illegal on other servers. It’s not just a server to be an annoying troll.

The restriction at Lukla is only valid on TS1 and Expert.

So, just because it’s not active dosent mean you shouldn’t be respectable.

What do you mean “respectable”? No one cares in the casual server!


Who am I not respecting? There are 2 servers for when people want to go realistic, then there’s the casual server where you can test stuff out that you can’t on the other 2. This has gone way off-topic, this is a feature request. If you have any legitimate questions on the feature request please say.


Just because others don’t follow rules dosent mean YOU don’t have too.

Read the post above…

Ok fair enough. the argument ends here, as this is a feature request.

Keep it to a civil discussion folks. Thanks, Chris


Yep I agree, just not on casual server.

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I agree, on the training and expert server. You are cruising from Shanghai to Dubai when your aircraft crashes in Nepal, you press reset to parking and end up spawning at Lukla with a 777(very rare). Instead they can spawn you to the nearest suitable airport in this case Kathmandu.

It will prevent those of us who like crashing from getting ghosted after clicking reset to parking.

Nice idea.


Actually a good request! I love the idea!

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