Deny entry, aircraft to large!

Could we get “aircraft to large” in the deny entry menu? Some people don’t understand now when you say “aircraft to large” that they can’t get in.


Maybe “I’m Sorry” isnt enough to make peoples understand

Huh? What do you mean with this?

And when you use the deny entry command the plane is put in the system as not being allowed to land so if he comes in and lands anyways he will be ghosted by the system or receive violations until he leaves the game or takes off


Isn’t there something similar in the “Misc. Messages” section?

Infinite Flight Live users should know English -.-

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I don’t fly live but for the better of that portion of the sim, this would be a terrific idea!

I remember a long time back there was a complaint about seeing 747s and A380s in LGA and this would solve issues like that…

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Sorry I Didn’t Read the Text. My bad