Denver to San Francisco from Rocky Mountains to Pacific Bays

KDEN-KSFO United 777-200ER
2 Hour 5 Minute Flight time in Expert Server


Nice photos! Also looked like a good landing

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A little bit off the centerline but had premium butter

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Great pictures! I love that route!

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Thanks! I love the scenery along the way and being able to fly the 777 on a short route

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Love how you included the farms on the approach into KSFO!

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I always like seeing them on approach because they’re such a staple for the SFO approach and final

Yeah they are the things I always look for when I am going to sfo irl!

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Nice pictures!

Also, you should try doing DEN-SJC soon because United also has that route


I’ll try that one today!

Nice photos👏👏