Denver to Salt lake city on YouTube

This is a flight from Denver to Salt Lake City and I decided to edit the recording and post it on YouTube. Hope You like it!

Server: expert
Aircraft/Airline: Frontier A320
Flightime: 1hr 2min

Thank you for viewing and have a good day!


Great video, some great scenery 😃

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Thank you!

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Did you hit any Mtn waves on the way in it’s always turbulent in real life whenever I fly into SLC, btw nice vid.

It was bit windy on approach but once I was final the winds were calm

Nice landing though. I remember about a year ago when I got the subscription I flew out of SLC on IF and got over the mountains and there was loads of turbulence making me change Fpm by 1000 fpm.

Wow. I’ve flown in from reno and I got decent amount of turbulence and this was in a erj so it sucked

I used to fly KSLC-KRNO on IF while the storms where moving through Reno. Man as soon as I got above pyramid lake it got real bumpy, one time I even had to abort the landing.

Did a flight to Denver just yesterday… Great scenery and extreme winds!

I saw the winds over the weekend in Denver, checked the metar 52kts!


Honestly, that’s the first time I saw the 777 rocks through the wind like that, usually I used the A319 for some action flights but man, I saw the 777 rocks so much and wing flexing all the way down to KDEN, so coool!

Wow thats some right there