Denver to Oklahoma City!

Hello guys, it’s Easy Av again! Today, we will be flying with United’s short haul airline: United Express on a short flight from Denver to Oklahoma. As we arrive at the terminal, I was greeted inside with self check-in! As I checked out my bag, I headed straight for the B gates, where our flight will be.

We have finally arrived at our gate! This will be our ride for today: N86372, a 6 year old E175.

Finally, we got a cabin. This cabin looks generic and might have the generic legroom, who knows?

And our seat for today is 4D (I got confused on which seat is which because of the weird seat configuration) Legroom is good, and the seat feels comfortable!

As we pushback, United’s safety video is playing and we can hear the engines of the E175. They sound MID*. 6 minutes later and we are ready to takeoff. Takeoff roll happens and the Buzzsaw sounds ok! Bye Bye Denver!

At cruise, we are greeted by a cup of water and some pretzels, just like American. The view looks the same old: straight up desert.

Finally, our descent is happening! The crew for business class, A.K.A. Me, hand out drinks as a thank you for flying United. And finally, we see green!

As we approach into Tornado-State Oklahoma, we can see Oklahoma City and finally, after a short flight, welcome to Oklahoma City!

My camera died after landing, so I couldn’t film me getting picked up. Thanks for joining us on this flight and see you in the next one. Fly high aviatiors!
This skit was inspired by Simply Aviation, a tripreporter that makes lovely videos just like this skit.


What was the exact flight time if i can ask?

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The flight time was 1 hour and 59 minutes, or 2 hours

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wow very nice!

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