Denver to middle east

Probably a boring post for most, but as an enthusiast I thought I would share. I’m building up flight hours and will need a fuel stop before my final destination, but currently in the air approaching Greenland. The scenery is absolutely amazing with the sunset earlier, and now with the ground terrain! Never been one to want to take pictures, but Ive found myself checking the tutorials for taking pictures.

Carry on.


Have a nice flight.

Does this need it’s own topic?

Is there anything that we can help you with? 🙂
If you need tutorials on how to make screenshots you can find @Suhas’s tutorial here.

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What’s the point of this topic?

Absolutely nothing. Hence the first sentence.

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Might hit you up later. Having trouble cropping out the plane telemetry around the plane.

Well I’m gonna flag it since there’s no point in the topic even you said that @Jacobtrx450

I’ll send you a pm as well.

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