Denver to Los Angeles

recap of my flight from Denver
Denver to LAX
Boeing 777-200ER

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![image|800x600] (upload://yquJ172zUC8173VFsFXGUFycfEe.jpeg)


Great scenery and hope you had a nice Flight!

@Ur_Friendly_Approach just remove one of your pictures above as the Topic Guidelines is limited to 10 pictures only.

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Ok how? Can u remove the last one?

Actually the 5th one

You can use the pencil icon ✏️ at the bottom of the topic and remove a picture from here. I can’t do that or edit other people’s topic unfortunately. :)

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Ok I did it

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Welp no response from anybody

I like the route though. Might try that someday. Does the United 777 operate flights to LAX from Denver?

They actually operate to San Francisco but I wanted to deal with heavy traffic. Really it’s like the same thing

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Yes it does. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t

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Simply though. They do. And what a huge plane for a small route I love it! Also another small route, Emirates operates Abu Dhabi international to muscat with a 777-300ER

What do you mean

I mean that it depends on the day when they use the 777 or it may be everyday they use it to LAX.

I have heard that they go to both

They do go to both

I like using the ironman2 approach

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Please PM me if you have any more questions or concerns. As this is getting off topic

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Ur right I will

Nice photos!