Denver to Long Beach, CA

welcome to my flight from Denver to Long Beach, CA! Enjoy 😊

Boarding at gate C36

pushback and engine 2 starting up

Southwest 472, Clear for takeoff runway 7 departing north

V1 Rotate!

gear up

cruising at 34000

descending into Long Beach 27000Ft

gear down!

Can anyone guess the airport? Hint: known as the disneyland airport!

final approach into Long Beach

Touchdown runway 30

Arrived, gate 8!

total flight time 2:51
Aircraft: 737-800
Airline: Southwest Airlines, canyon blue livery


I love the photos and it looks like a nice flight (I might have to try it)!

Unfortunately you have 12 photos on this topic, this means you are 2 photos over the limit of the #screenshots-and-videos category.

Also, your second to last photo could be better if you pressed the little camera square right next to the globe symbol. Pressing that button will eliminate the player names and the toolbar at the bottom thus giving you a HD photo.

I advice going through the rules of the #screenshots-and-videos category before posting.

I will also leave you with the rules right below.


First of all, great shots! The airport is Orange County / Santa Ana (KSNA) for the guess the airport question. Also make sure you fix the mistakes made on your post that were pointed out by @AlaskaAirfireball111. If they aren’t fixed this topic will have to be closed. Thanks!

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