Denver Stapleton Airport

So, in IF there are defunct and no longer existing airports, like Meigs Field. In the discussion about a possible Hong Kong region people are saying that it should include Kai Tak (Which I am all for).

So I am proposing that the old, now non-existant, Stapleton be added to the Denver region, just for fun! The placed had one hell of a layout, and could make for more fun within the Denver region.

What do you all think?


Is the airport just closed or has it been removed. IF has shutdown airports I don’t know about removed ones.

Both. It closed in 1995 when Denver International opened. Meigs field is in IF, and the place is gone entirely, as per google maps: Google Maps

What I am asking is, if Miegs field is in IF, and the airport is demolished, then why can’t Stapleton be there too, since it has also met the same fate?

What @Riley_Dunshea said is correct, for example, we are planning to remove EHBX soon, since it’s supposed to be a helipad, not a runway (Helipads don’t ender yet anyway), be helipads on Hospitals don’t matter for the realism of Infinite Flight. Before EHBX and/or any airport is removed, we specify them as, for example, EHBX

Meigs field is still there it is just closed. This airport no longer exists so I don’t think it will be added.

Did you look at the google maps image? There is almost no trace of it left…

No I’m at school I can’t check. If is no longer there it won’t be added.

Fair enough.

The challenge here would be defining an accurate layout which could be used to recreate this airfield. I’m not sure who faithfully restored Meigs when it was released in IF Chicago Region. Finding an accurate map for an airfield which no longer exists (e.g. Satellite image) would make this endeavor challenging. I did re-dress Meigs after its first release but that was not too challenging as the airfield was bounded by the peninsula outline. l did rework KDEN for you and that has an interesting layout.


But Axel did that to Kai Tak…

Tai Kai, what region is that in? All that is left of Stapleton is a control tower. Also it is very close to KDEN.

Only problem is its identifier was also KDEN.

Thats a problem… That will be easy to get around.

I seriously want Kai Tak

Got a good imageimage

From 1982 diagram

Too bad quality, we airport editors need better scenery.

It could be easily identified as KDEN.



MaxSez: let’s keep it real, Kai Tak, Stapleton & Meig’s are just memories, long gone but not forgotten to the old crows. Let them RIP.

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