Denver Spotting 1-18-20

I visited Denver International Airport today. Lighting was ok. I took this photo of an SWA 737-76Q landing on 35L. The registration was N550WN. This aircraft is 18 years old. I took many photos at DEN today, but this was one of my best.

If you would like to follow my instagram, its @infinite_flyer_21 with the southwest wing and my acct name in the profile pic. Hope you enjoy the pic. Looking forward to hearing your feedback. Cheers


The one cool picture you got! 😎

What time were you out there? Was there from 8-11 this morning

i was there at about 12 to roughly 2:30

thank you so much

Nice mate!

Nice shot! You could’ve edited it though :)

I did. I am using lightroom, but im very new to using it.

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You should crop it a bit. Its off-centre.

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Would you care to explain more in a DM on that. I would like to learn more about that. I think i see what you mean though. And you are full of information

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As a fellow Lightroom user, I’ll have a shot at editing it in the morning (12:01 am here). Doesn’t look edited very much, so I can play with this.

Thank you. Bravo Charlie made a better edit. i am new to lightroom. I learned that the photo is off center and also how to fix that

“11 hours ago”

2 things.

  1. Southwest Canyon Blue 😍
  2. You spotted at the best airport in the world :)
    Kudos to you!

That’s a very nice picture as well :)

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I just woke up now ok


Thank you so much. That means a lot

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I edited this some more last night

Nice one mate

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