Denver region open - Expert!

Come down and fly the tricky mountainous terrain at Denver! ATC is active in a 2+ airports!
Expert Now!


I’ll come over now callsign G-EJF1


omg the approach into KEGE is so hard - I had to make a 360 and then go around when I landed

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I know, I saw you land

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Woah this was my first time I’ve made a go around in infinite flight. The approach here is quite challenging


Love Denver, did KEGE-KASE-KDEN in my Citation. Excuse the steep approach into Denver lol.

Great service as always from IFATC


I wish my live can stay for another one day 😂

KEGE is my favourite and I love it alot. The mountains are really high over there and you can hit the mountains if you arent aware with your surroundings. But it’s a lovely airport. I wish Denver can be opened when I renew my Live 😊


Thanks for coming down to Denver, I was controlling KDEN.

that was so satisfying to watch ^^
Thanks for popping up!


I would have come noooo lol

They’ve opened back up again. They’ve got KCOS, KDEN, KEGE and KASE open. I just did a flight from KEGE-KASE, it was really fun :D

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The region is not closed, so the topic is slightly misleading…


I changed it for him!
Why do they always open the fun regions when I’m in school? 🙄


That was really awesome controlling, thanks for your help. I was on Etihad Airways A321 Callsign: Etihad 404 Super Lol. But I wonder why you told me to “Check help pages for tutorials of using app instructions” :/
I requested a freq. change :/

Otherwise; thank you so much “Keep it up”

I know right…dam Economics getting in the way of my mountain flying.


Wow! That approach was very challenging at KASE! We even had a runway change! Thank To whoever was controlling!

Why are you always in school when they open the fun regions? 😂😜

I was your controller.
Exactly, you requested a frequency change.
Then I asked you to say intentions since you requested a frequency change in a pattern you requested and flew before.
You should have requested departure then for me to know you’re intending to leave the pattern. You just requested a frequency change again, hence the help pages instruction.

I need to know what your intention is in order to approve your frequency change. And no - a frequency change is not a valid intention. I’ve had enough people remain in the pattern after they requested a frequency change.
When intending to leave the pattern, request departure to N/E/S/W. It will be approved and usually immediately be accompanied by a frequency change approval (which is not just an approval, but an instruction!) or a handover.

I hope this clears the incident up.

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Just what happens when you live in the states. Certain times of the day, when all the European folks are just getting home and have nothing to do, so they fly. That time just happens to be right in the middle of AP gov…

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Ok just going to spawn now

Yeah that was really clear. I really forgot to request a departure approve to the North. Sorry bruh!

Thanks for your help

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