Denver Region having wrong type of ground cover

Ok I have been flying in the denver region lately and just to let you know I live in colorado so anyway I have noticed the all the ground cover is like that think tree canopy when actually in colorado most of the eastern plains is actually farm fields and corn and mostly the mountains should be the tree canopy ground covering also if the Denver region was pushed out by 40-50 miles each way that you would get at least 10-30 more possible airports and airstrips to land at so Devs please take this advice from a colorado native.

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As another Coloradan, I can attest to this! Plus there are a few issues with the taxiways/ramps at KDEN, namely that in IF they surround the main terminal, and in real life they do not. But as the OP brings up, the flat land scenery is mostly farms, like you would see in the Chicago region.


Another Coloradoan here , I think this should be put in the game. There are so many farms


I come from Colorado too and I can attest to this :/ if the topographical view could be a more realistic representation of our glorious state that would make the realism soar to new heights

Not really a bug. I think we can all agree though that the terrain could be improved. This is part of our future plans.