Denver region atc

I have to say who every the atc where in that region, where pretty nice and good thanks guy.👌🏼image


Very good I enjoyed my time tonight in Denver just did some pattern work in a SR 22 they where ahead of me every step of the way cudos


Think I did one of my best landings ever in the 767 at KDEN!

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It’s our pleasure guys! I was at KEGE and enjoyed all the time with you guys (also nice T&G’s Brandon) :)


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I hate using landing squares

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Yeah come on @Sean_Anthony_99 be a man and get rid of those landing squares!

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@Zachary_Meir_Tish is Tower and Ground in KASE where you’re landing

Well then @Zachary_Meir_Tish I appreciated you allowing me to approach 15 from the left side as depicted in the approach charts I was afraid after you told me to enter straight in and I continued on that approach you would tell me to follow instruction but you didn’t and let me continue inbound cudo’s I think it worked out well. One heavy did have to do a 360 to accommodate for me though.

Yes. My pleasure guys. It was a great session. Got a little busy at one point so I apologize if you were resequenced farther back to accommodate the load


Haha idk i was too lazy to take them off but next time i post a landing they wont be there i promise guys hahaha

The B763 is an easy-to-land aircraft, like the A388 ;)

I personally don’t like the Denver region.
Its elevation is a little disturbing for me…

It felt like a good achievement given how windy it was haha

@Laurens if you fly a 208 or a 737BBJ 😉 you get a stunning view and depending on the aircraft you get an awesome landing too