Denver not working!

Can anyone help me I have played this game and I enjoy it but it won’t let me play on when I select Denver! Pls help someone!!! I’m got getting what I’m paying for! There’s memory on my phone it just goes to home screen! Denver the one with the mountains

What device are you using? What Infinite Flight version are you using? Please list those, it helps solve the problem quicker. :)

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Does it say you have to pay for it?
Can you show us a Screenshot?

iPhone 5s pls help

What iOS version are using? Are you using the latest infinite flight update?

Can you take a screenshot?

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So you have purchased the Denver region?

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Yea, that’s the most important thing. Have you purchased it?

After you select the region and parking spot, that’s what it’s supposed to do.

But like everybody else said, we need screenshots.

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I think he means his native OS home screen. as in the app force closes.

You can try setting terrain quality to medium instead of high if you have it there.

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