Denver Montrose Regional Airport

With Frontier’s event today, the VA decided to fly into Monterose, southwestwest bottom corner of Denver Region. My COO and I have a question on why it’s classified as an echo when it has a 10000 foot runway and a 7500 foot runway.
In real life it is a nice sizeable airport and holds like five commercial airlines. My guess is because it does not have ATC service. On the pages I could find with my COO Matt, it is classified as a Bravo and Charlie airport. But in the sim it’s classified as an echo.
Since in the sim echos do not have ATC service that’s why this is not classified as a Delta, which it seems it should be.


I believe it’s as you said; the airport is classed as Echo due to lack of ATC.

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There is another airport like that in the South Florida region, KTNT.

In IF any airport with no ATC = Echo.

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