Denver International Becoming...a City?

As some of you may know the Denver International Airport, also known as DIA, has celebrated 25 years of operation this week and already looking to the future. DIA is the largest airport in the U.S by total land size (2nd in the world) however only about 14,000 out of roughly 40,000 acres of their property has been used. The plan? Become a city. DIA’s real estate division plans to use 60+ acres development at 61st street and Peña Boulevard to build residential and commercial businesses opportunities with the ability to house up to 60,000 people. To put that into perspective Grand Junction Colorado (GJT) has a population of about 65,000.

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Yeah no. I’m sorry but why is this even an idea? Making a city into a city? Lol

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Well, it makes more sense than you’d think as DIA is located about 30miles outside of Denver.

I could see it becoming primarily employee housing but there might just be certain AvGeeks who want to live at an airport, @den.aviation


I still don’t understand as to why this would work. Like in my opinion Denver is large enough already, and their expansion plans to be honest are ridiculous, despite it being a United hub. I just don’t really see a need for such a large airport… or city thing, I don’t know 😂

Does it seem cool? Heck yeah.
Will it work? I don’t think so.

Instead of employee housing… MOAR RUNWAYS


We actually see this being a trend, with developments like the Square (Office building) in Frankfurt or The Circle (Office building) I’m Zurich.

A bit more sceptical about this one due to noise and air pollution as well as the airport lights all day and night.

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This actually sounds like a good idea depending on how it’s done. Here the airport has really been pushing all sorts of things on airport property, there are a few busines parks, and there making a new additive manufacturing “community.” They also do some natural gas drilling on airport property which is a major part of funding. Our airport advertises that all these on site developments help the airport because it allows them to balance the checkbook with means out side of charging airlines, and passengers meaning that the airport is cheaper for airlines to use. I assume becoming it’s own local government means that there will be less red tape for things like that, and other improvements to the airport. Sounds like a good idea to me depending on how it’s executed of course…

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Never knew that something like this is done on an airport’s grounds. Interesting!


Ya, I made a topic about it many many days ago. If anyone here is sharp enough to remember that two cookies (🍪 🍪) 😂

I’ll try to find it and link it for everyone else…

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When I said many many days I meant a year and a half, jeez time flies 😂

Here it is though, it’s super cringe, so I would maybe just read the NYT article at the bottom, but here is is 😂


That’s really interesting! Thank you!


I work at KDEN and in my opinion it is a very…unwise decision to put up housing developments around KDEN, because it was partially the downfall of the old KDEN a.k.a Stapleton Airport, it was the whole reason the new DEN was constructed 25 miles East of downtown. Just my opinion, but I am whole heartily again putting housing developments near KDEN. Commercial developments are another story.

Isn’t DFW a city though?

True, Heathrow is in the predicament it is in now because of nearby suburbia and housing.

This is so cool! I always thought DEN was so remote. It’s great they are trying to expand over there.

Until the residents start complaining of noise and then they would have to put out restrictions you know like every airport surrounded by residential areas.

I don’t think the city would
Let them do it

Keep in mind that this is just future speculation. I think a few apartment buildings and a few shops out near the airport would be smart but not full residential neighborhoods, that was the demise of the old Stapleton International.

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