Denver International Airport to add 39 new gates by 2021

According to the Denver Post here (all rights in this article goes to them), DIA is preparing to add 13 new gates in addition to the 26 planned.
What does this mean for DIA? It means they are expecting a huge influx of traffic and possibly new Airlines into DIA.
My freaking favorite airport is expand8ng at a huge rate and 2021 (as weird as it may be to think about) is only 3 years out. That means pretty soon, they will begin building.

The article states that “every airline wants to expand, from the major airlines United, Southwest, and Frontier to the smaller airlines.”

@Ben I know you have an interest here at DIA.




Some photos of mine to show off the beauty of DIA


I flew into Denver in August, it’s a really nice airport to fly in and out of. Will this expansion be on an existing concourse or will a Concourse D be constructed?

I saw this! I’m so excited!

I do believe the article states that it is to the existing concourses right now. So this is not a plan for Concourse D.


I had to breath and calm myself because this news made me so excited!

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Call me crazy but I can definitely see KDEN-KISP on Southwest and/or Frontier now!

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Frontier already flies to ISP from DEN :)


Not nonstop though…

So you meant nonstop service. I understand now :)


this is nice, But spirit better bring themselves.
get rid of ACY and say hi to DEN

I believe Qantas are starting routes from Sydney to Denver in the next few years.

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I’d love to see that! But I doubt it will be within the next 2-3 years.

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