Denver International Airport Spotting

Today my two flights from Denver to O’Hare and back are happening. So here is a compilation of KDEN spotting photos. There will be a KORD spotting thread as well. Hope you enjoy (and my deep apologies for the horrible resolution. My camera I had planned broke so I had to use my iPad…ugh)

There will be a whole Frontier VA PIREP that you can find on our YouTube channel at a later time. It will feature walk through in the airport, boarding, a very interesting predicament, pushback, taxi, takeoff, inflight examination of seatback pockets contents (as well as the tray table, seat itself, and a short go through of the snacks served aboard this frontier flight) , midflight, and a 3 minute landing over Lake Michigan and down to O’Hare, taxiiing to parking, and ending at the gate.

There might be another trip report for the return flight. Let me know if that would be enjoyable.


Very nice! I hope I can visit Denver someday.

for a second I though that was your actual credit card in the bottom 2 photos

Yeah same , no wonder my online purchases did not get accepted with that credit card number ! :(


Lol you trolls. 😂 by the way more photos will be added when I get back to Denver.

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Hopefully featuring your real credit card this time , just kidding. Keep up the good work !

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That credit card is really cool! Do you have any other’s and or social security number? That’d be cool to see!

That’s not a real credit card…hope you’re joking lol

I am…lol. I gotta start adding that it’s a joke

Very nice pictures. Reminds me of when I used to fly frontier.

gotta love those sunrise departures at DEN

I I wish there was a sunrise departure. We were delayed just long enough to takeoff after the sun had risen above the mountains enough of no longer be called sunrise.

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Two more photos :)

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