Denver Haulin' (feat. 21.1 Open Beta)

Infinite Flight 21.1 Open Beta

Hello y’all, today I began really getting some good shots of our 21.1 Open Beta… This particular one features an Infinite Flight 737BBJ departing KDEN for KSFO. Enjoy!

Please note that the motion blur was an original idea from @TransportForLife. Thanks for the inspiration bro!

Server: SOLO
Aircraft: Boeing 737-700BBJ (Infinite Flight)
Location: Denver International Airport

Slightly Less Edited Version

Picture was taken on my iPhone 7 and edited with

Thanks for taking a look!


Ever since that one dude did a really good “pan,” everyone is trying to copy him

Because its cool

Was bored today so I figured I would try.

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I’m not saying it’s bad or anything

It’s just funny to see someone do it really well and a bunch of other people copy it


I mean I’m fine with it to be honest, I got a small inspiration from @Lucas_Piedra’s The Night Bandit topic when he added motion blur to his photo. I decided to do the same but only on take-off.

Anyways, very good photo!!