Denver, Dallas, Houston and Phoenix bug with Infinite Flight Operations

My Infinite Flight Operations doesn’t work on Dallas (KDFW), Denver (KDEN), Houston (KIAH) and Phoenix (KPHX). I have an Android device. Anyone know how I can fix it? Or if it’s is a bug of Android devices with the Infinite Flight Operations in those airports? My Infinite Flight Operations works in others airports perfectly

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Hey mate,

Sadly, I’m not sure what is causing the issue, but just thought I would give you a heads up that I changed the category from #support to #thirdparty, as #support is for issues with the actual Infinite Flight app.

Since Infinite Flight Operations is a third party developed application, I have moved this topic to the #thirdparty category.

Hope someone can assist you!


Ohh ok thanks!!!

No worries mate! Hopefully someone can assist you shortly!


I also have the same problem with Infinite Flight Operations. The application works perfectly at other airports but it doesnt work at Denver. My device is a Google Pixel 2XL.

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Hi there bud! I have a BLU G9 PRO and doesn’t works those airports

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Hope that this fixed soon!

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