Denver-Chicago Group Flight 08FEB24

The Denver to Chicago Group Flight!


Welcome to Denver! On this event we will be making the 2 hour hop to Chicago O’Hare! This is the 3rd busiest route from Denver having about 1 million passengers annually flying this route. This route is currently operated by 3 airlines, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines. This flight is around 900 miles long which takes you over Nebraska, Iowa, and usually some central states. So come join us for the hop to Chicago!


Event Time - Friday, February 9, 2024 12:00 AMFriday, February 9, 2024 2:15 AM

Flight Info

Departure Airport: KDEN

Departure runway: 34L

Accent VS: 2500

Cruise Altitude: FL350

Cruise Speed: M .78 (A319, 737) M .80 (757), M .84 (777)

Decent VS: Use VNAV

Arrival Airport: KORD

Arrival Runway: 27R

Separation: 5-10nm

Flight Time: ~ 2 hours 0 minutes

Flight Plan: Copy @Cole_Woodard or EEONS8 SCB FYTTE7 I27C

American Airlines

⚠️This airline has limited slots available ⚠️

Gate Plane Pilot
C30 737-800
C32 737-800
C34 737-800 @IFCarlo_10
C36 A319 @RagonDragon
C38 A319
Southwest Airlines

Room to add more gates if needed

Gate Plane Pilot
C33 737-700
C35 737-700
C37 737-800
C40 737-800
C41 737-800
C42 737-800
C43 737-800
C44 737-700 @Mort
C45 737-700 @Myrightsock
C47 737-800 @Cole_Woodard
United Airlines

Room to expand if needed (narrow-body only)

Gate Plane Pilot
B31 737-900 @Nick_May
B32 777-200ER @MacGyver
B35 737-900 @Nicwat10
B36 757-200 @Prestoni
B37 737-900
B38 777-200ER @AmericanB772
B39 737-800 @Tharealjaay
B41 737-900 @American367
B42 757-200 @CedricFlys
B43 737-900

1. I am not responsible for violations
2. Follow all ATC Instructions
3. Respect all other planes and player
4. Be professional, it is 2024 if your curious
5. Have fun!


ATIS Ground Tower Departure Center
@BenjiTheBull @BenjiTheBull @BenjiTheBull - -

Chicago O’Hare

ATIS Ground Tower Arrival Center
- - - - -

Yes please

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Can I do this in Desert Gold?

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Both have been added, and @Mort preferably not but I won’t stop you

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I can do it without if you’d prefer.

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Thanks (10)

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You have been added

I will take gate B38, looking forward to it!

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You are added

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Can I take the last United 757 T gate B42?

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i’ll take this one please

This good sir

Everyone has been added

I’ll take this but on the 757

There is no more space for 757s or 777s, you will have to fly 737-900 if you wanna fly United

Ok I’ll take the United 737-9

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Alright I’ll sign you up

Event in 3 weeks

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Event in 2 weeks

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