Denver - Beijing - A333 shots

I fly more and more the A333 these days.
I made the following shots after landing in KDEN (imaginary DELTA flight) then before landing in ZBAD (imaginery KOREAN AIR flight)!
All on expert server.

1/ private chat?

Or zoom lense effect! There will soon be a terminal building between the 333 and 359…

2/ Chinese cost-line

3/ Turning final

Happy flying!


[quote=“Tep_NEMO, post:1, topic:546432”]

[/quote]this is my favorite picture because…

“Hey man. This might be the last time I see you. Before I get forgotten and replaced by a newer me. It was great, happy travels”

The old must come to an scary end, surely miss the old model


Nice photos you got there! The noir filter looks really nice!!

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Actually, my view of it was: “wow, where did you get those nice engines! I want the same”… and the snobish A350: “ah, those… I was born with them!”

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Thanks, I like it from time to time.

nice shots! can’t wait for the rework, I bet you can take some amazing shots with the new A330

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I just made myself sad With this Why’d did I make This Now I want To Fly The A330 (Idk why my phone is doing
Automatic paragraphs)

That 1 picture is
Amazing 🤧

Pretty sure if you added
A tear for the 330 I would probably cry

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Cannot wait either, will be even nicer than the one we have!

Don’t be sad, the A333 has many years ahead for us to fly with it. Particularly in IF! We will soon be thousands flying across the world in the soon to come all new one!
And thanks a lot for the nice comment. I appreciate.